My Method For AC. Is it good or bad?

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    Ive not written much for AC, but I do have a little experience with it. Right now, im in a dire need for money. Well, maybe not dire, but I need to make some more steady income outlets.
    I NEVER know what to write about, and honestly, I dont know If I have the correct knowledge to outsource for articles. What I have done in the past was write reviews on items. Honestly, ive looked back at whats been denied upfront payment and what has not. And All The ones that have been payed up front were for reviews.

    Is it ok JUST to write reviews on things? Or are they eventually not gonna pay me for it? I honestly just never know what to write. everyone says to find a good article and rewrite it. Well what kinda articles ?
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    Yup you can do that!
    also you can just rewrite articles as well
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    Do a search under making money - AC thread and you will see lots of method on AC.

    This was shared earlier by a fellow member and all credit goes to him even though I forgot his name. ( i copied for references)

    Hey Guys,
    A lot of people find it difficult to get new article ideas for AC. If you face this problem then you can try the method given below. I have been using it to get some good article ideas for last few months. It does involve some work but you can get good article ideas to work on.
    First of all you need to pick a niche.. Some good topics to start with include Health and Fitness, Technology, Gadgets, Parenting, Home Improvement, Product Reviews, Self Improvement etc. AC is always looking for good content in these niches..
    Next head to ezinearticles and find niches in the topic that you selected in the above step.. You don't need to dig hard to get niches..Just click on the topic name on the EZ home page and you will get a list of niches in that topic.. For example, if I click on Self Improvement I get the following list
    Abundance Prosperity
    Anger Management
    and so on..
    You can pick any niche as long as it get good number of searches in Google and people are actually looking for solutions in that niche..We are going to find this in the next step
    Head to google keyword tool
    Put your niche keyword there and see if it get good number of searches. If it does, download the keywords related to that niche. Ignore the keywords that get very few searches (look for keywords that get at least 50 searches per day, however this also depends on the niche, so make your call). However I make an exception when it is a new niche (such as a new product etc.)
    Next we will find some article ideas for the niche and keywords. Head to this site
    The above site gives a list of questions that the people are actually typing in search engines to find niche related solutions. Here's how I use it to get article ideas
    I open 3 tabs in Firefox.. In the first tab I open the wordtracker question site, in the second tab AC and in the third Google
    Put your keywords one by one (including the main niche keyword) in the wordtracker question tool to determine what kind of questions people are asking.
    For each result(question) that you get, search whether there is already an article in AC in the 2nd tab. If there is move to next question.
    (Common sense would suggest that for the main niche keyword such as weight loss, golf etc, most of the questions that people ask would already have articles on them in AC.. However what I found that you will still get some questions that are still not covered in AC and that gives you an opportunity to write articles on them.. Plus there are always new trends even in really big niches so you can write articles on them)
    Put the question in Google to judge what kind of competition you are against.. If you find very few results in Google and no result in AC then you can pick that question and write an article on it. If you get lots of results in Google but no result in AC then you can still write an article on it, but your upfront payment may suffer. I usually write even if there is good competition in Google to benefit from performance payments.
    Do the above activity for all the keywords that you found through the google tool. Prepare a list of questions for which there is demand and no articles in AC.
    Finally, you must remember that AC is looking for specifics so the more specific question you can find the better your chances of getting good payment. Let me give an example
    Windows 7 was released in October. A lot of people want to migrate to Window 7 but have certain doubts that they want to clarify. If you go to google keyword tool and put windows 7, you will get more keywords like
    Windows 7 security
    Windows 7 features
    Windows 7 firewall
    If you put the above keywords in the wordtracker tool, you will get some article ideas such as
    What are the antivirus tools that work with Windows 7?
    How to install (software name) on Windows 7?
    How to get drivers for (software name) for Windows 7?
    and so on
    Now that you have a bunch of article ideas ready, head to ezinearticles or ehow to search for articles for the questions that you got. I also like to browse the authority sites in a niche (example for health and fitness) to see if there are better articles available there. Next you can either rewrite the articles (or outsource rewriting) or simply jot down the ideas and write the articles in your own words, whatever is convenient to you.
    And that's it folks.. Hope you get some good article ideas and make good money on AC
    Thanks for reading,