ask me anything

  1. Duda Soft

    Ask me anything about developing web application

    I've been coding for over 8 years and now I'm working on a SaaS SMM Panel project with microservice pattern. When I have enough time to surf on the forum I want to help developers. This will be just guiding by texting. If you need anything to learn, to fix, to prepare better structure you can...
  2. ErealBoss

    [ESTY]: ASK ME Anything Q&A ($$ Methods, Tricks $$$, etc)

    Hi everyone, I've been selling on Etsy for about 7 year...and I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm happy to help, I'll try to answer as many questions as I can. But first, here's a little summary, ...let's cover the basic to get everyone on the same page: ETSY The Good: Unique...
  3. Pam Danny

    {AMA} Ask me Anything about Topical Authority Blogging

    I am willing to transfer some of my expeise by answering questions regarding topical authority in blogging. So go ahead and shoot your questions
  4. F

    I'm Amazon FBA CMO - Ask me anything

    Hi! :) I've been browsing this forum for at least 8 years on my account that has username "firstname_lastname" x) and I've learned a lot! :) Today i've decided to give something back - I created a new account with a better username and you can ask me anything regarding Amazon FBA. I am a...
  5. dontfarm

    Ask me anything about Facebook Accounts 2021

    You can ask any question that might interest you ;) Our team has been working with white/grey hat goods since 2017 Used over 67 000 accounts.
  6. secretunk

    Ask me anything with Facebook advertising BH or other 2020

    You can ask anything with Facebook advertising BH or other ads by 2020 Our Farm team has been working Facebook account since 2012 see We our work !
  7. RoyalOffshore

    [AMA!] Movie/Trailer Websites! ♛Monetization, Anonymity, Themes, Setup... Anything♛ Do's and Don'ts!

    I have always had passion in computers/technology, but i was a regular person with plans for college, building a career. Never actually thought i will end up in a completely different area, which i am proud of. You never get tired or bored doing what you love to do. Doing what you love to do is...
  8. dontfarm

    Ask me anything about Facebook Ads 2020

    You can ask any question that might interest you ;) Our team has been working with white/grey hat goods since 2017 Used over 50 000 accounts with the total spend over 10 million US dollars
  9. USA282

    Ask Me Anything about Cryptocurrency

    Hey guys, I've been pretty active in the crypto-space for over 3 years. I've seen my portfolio rising from $150 to $60K and I've also seen it dropping from $60K to $1K. Lol :P I've been a team member of a few crypto projects (they all died off). I've also launched my own crypto-related project...
  10. Safox alee

    AMA about Fiverr

    Hi Blackhatters !! I have Fiverr experience of more than 3 years. This would be my payback to the community. Ask me anything.
  11. Icey Dan

    [AMA] Facebook Pages and Groups

    Hey guys. I have some free time this evening so I thought I would answer any Facebook page or group related questions you may have. I have 4 pages totaling 1.6M likes combined as well as 4 groups totalling 85K members. Having been growing and using Facebook pages & groups successfuly for a few...
  12. D

    My Company Got Funded Millions of Dollars (AMA)

    Hey BHW hope all is well! I see a lot of people on here talking about how they want to get an investor to put money in their Company/Idea, or do joint ventures with others... I've chased investors, gotten turned down by them, sat in meetings with them, got grilled by them... but finally my...
  13. ankysingh

    Mobile and Web Developer wants to help community members

    Hi there, I am Mobile and Web Developer with 4+ years experience. I am on BHW from a long time and now, I decided to help BHW members with my skills. So, ask me anything related to coding or services like website, landing pages, logos etc. Thanks
  14. Steven McStevenson

    Ask me anything about Shopify Dropshipping (Store Development)

    Hello members, I've been working with Shopify for last 4 years and I actually never keep track of how many stores I made, but I'm pretty sure it's around 70 different stores over that time period. I guess I could say I covered almost every niche I can think of right now so nothing is strange...
  15. LightningKing

    Ask Me Anything - Instagram Marketing 2019

    Hi BHW, Why am I doing this? Because I want to give back to this community :) I have been in Instagram game for almost 2 years now. I'm not an expert by any mean, but I will try my best to answer your questions based on my past experience. You can ask me anything and any angle about...
  16. William702

    Ask Me Anything About Pinterest (Pinterest AMA)

    Hi Guys, I'm starting this thread as I started a method thread on how to use Pinterest and specifically Pinterest group boards to make money. If you are interested in checking out that thread you can see it here...
  17. William702

    Ask me Anything About making money on Etsy (Etsy AMA)

    Hey everyone. I wanted to start an ask me anything thread for Etsy. I see plenty for things like YouTube and Instagram but have not seen one for Etsy. I have put this in the make money section because I did not see a relevant place for it, maybe an Etsy or general eCommerce section could be...
  18. SEOMemj

    AMA: Client SEO -

    Hello everyone, You may know me from my Journey to $100,000 thread, or not, that's cool too :cool: Basically, I've been doing client SEO for over 4 years. I make a good living based on my age. Most people I know are struggling to make 25k/year and pay their rent, car, and student loans. I'm...
  19. Bee

    HELP: make money with Pokemon Go ebook - trademark infirngement?

    Hi guys, I jumped on the Pokemon Go hype and published a "Pokemon Go Beginner Guide" on Kindle (Amazon). Now I realized there could be some legal issues. I think I am not allowed to have an ebook published cause I checked TESS now (yes I know a bit late) and it says electronic publications are...
  20. M

    Ask me anything.

    I'm experienced with instagram - botting, growing naturally, monetizing and much more. I'm happy to help anyone in need, just ask below.
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