1. Weird Monster

    Any views about India. I'm on a tour of Asian countries.

    Hey everyone, I am travelling asian countries this summer. Though I have been to Indian before and I loved it. It was like, I have been corrupted by the western media about India. Anyways, the part I visited was northern India and I have done some more research and found that South India has...
  2. msinbox

    Anyone here living (or lived) in the Philippines long term?

    I'm considering living in PH for a few months. Anyone here has done that/doing that? What is it like? Any tips/insights to share?
  3. Duke of Wellington

    Best Place to Find Foreign Cheap Labor?

    What's the best site or resource to find cheap 3rd world labor? Have to have an understanding of English but don't need to speak it, just see forms and know what to enter based on field and data we give them. Mturk won't work and have heard of Upwork/Fiverr but wondering if there any other...
  4. KJREDDY247@

    Who else loves momos In here ?

    I got a chance to have proper momos after a long time. Anyone else loves momos here? People who don't know momos here is a picture ( Momo is a type of South Asian dumpling, popular across the Indian subcontinent and the Himalayan regions of broader South Asia (Google))
  5. P

    1M followers monetization - Asia/Africa

    How would you calculate the potential of monetization for a Facebook page with 1M followers coming from Asia&Africa (if possible). Let's say 4% of people see the post where they are offered to buy something and 1% of those 4% actually buy something. Would you further divide that number with 10...
  6. codobi

    What country is better to live if all of your income are from internet?

    If all of your income are from internet (and it is good) and you don't have a family, so nothing is keeping you in expensive, bureaucracy and not sunny countries. What country is better to live in that case? I have lived in Thailand for more than 1,5 years, now I thinking to go Vietnam for a...
  7. K

    Sell digital goods and services to people in asia

    Hello, Does any one has an idea on how ti reach people in asia to sell them services or digital goods? websites, logos, traffic, etc. as I know techniques that works for the rest of the word does not apply to china for example, facebook is blocked so no facebook ads. do you know any...


    HELLO, I have completed my Bachelors degree and want to study further. As many of you may know CASH & LOW POCKET MONEY is always a "PROBLEM" for a student. however my REAL problem is NOT financing my studies...
  9. helloeddy

    Traveler slash podcaster slash regular guy

    Glad to be here! I hope to get to know some of you folks out there! My name is Edwin Merino and in trying to manifest my dreams of owning my own business, I started a podcast where I interview online entrepreneurs and have them share their stories the failures that lead to their success...
  10. E

    Monetize Asia Traffic, Thai, Chinese, Japanese Lead Gen & Affiliate Programs $$$$

    Do you have quality traffic from China ? Japan ? Singapore or anywhere else Asia that you would like to monetize ?? I have access to a number of highly lucrative private affiliate programs among other monetization methods including CPM, CPC, CPA etc... Send me a PM with your sites and traffic...
  11. S

    whitelabel dating affiliate program that does not suck

    Dear BHW, I have a dating site for Asia. Before i got just a small money (less than 100 usd/month) with adsense and offering a free service. As i looked to monetize more my efforts i switched toward an affiliate program and i set up a whitelabel site. Well it sucks. The profiles...
  12. neo

    19 Killed in Bangkok

    19 People including 4 soldiers and a Japanse journalist got killed in Bangkok when Army opened fire at Redhisrt protestors. News: ztF6hUryt88&hl
  13. B

    Any BH member located in Bangkok/Thailand?

    Hi, I would like to come in contact with BH members who are living in Thailand - preferable in Bangkok - to exchange ideas and do eventually some projects together. Especially I'm looking for experienced and active BH member but if not, no problem at all. Please contact me at this forum...
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