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  1. starseo78

    Guest Posts on Genuine Outreach Blogs @ Affordable Price - All Niche

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  2. megaMind007

    Need Forum Backlink Urgent

    I need 15-20 backlink forum individual forum which are more popular and engagement in the supplement industry and I will pay for each approved backlink.
  3. C

    Submitting Your Own Website Articles to Directories!

    Hi guys, I have written some great articles on my blog, but I'm struggling to get decent traffic to my posts, so I thought about submitting those same articles on my blog into Article directories like Ezinearticles, But I was worried that Google might consider it as duplicate content... Is it...
  4. N

    What is best Article Site in SEO?

    Hello Friends, Please tell me i really Don't know What is best Article Site?.
  5. SERPreach

    Readable & Copyscape Passed SEO (Keyword-Based) Articles ($0.50 per 100 words)

    Would you like to read the shortest, simplest, explicit and honest sales thread ever? I have a group of writers filtered & hired from different Freelance Platforms who write articles for me especially for my SEO tasks: ​ Articles for Guest Posts Articles for my Private Blog Networks...
  6. FormerBoxer

    1 Backlink Ranking

    Hey, question for you seo gurus. This website is 3 years old and I know backlinks can be hidden but how the hell is this website ranking with 1 backlink for 100s of keywords. Yeah the search volume isn't high, from 20-6K per month with some $9 CPC. This website looks like there are great...
  7. incrediable

    High Article Submission and Forum Site List

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  8. IamKing

    [Unlimited Giveaway]Im Back 10 x 500-600 Words Articles Pack Each Member-Use for Backlinks

  9. IamKing

    [Unlimited Giveaway] Free 10 x 500-600 Words Articles Pack Each Member - Use for Backlinks

  10. G

    How many percentage of article uniqueness needed ?

    I recently buy The Best Spinner and used to create some articles for to get back links. Now i am not sure with how much an article is unique for different tires of link building. For eg; Tier 1 needs at least ? uniqueness Tier 2 needs at least ? uniqueness Tier 3 needs at least ? uniqueness...
  11. michaelshezzer

    Get Your Free Unlimited Blog Posts Here!! PR1 Homepage Link!! Take a Look!!

    Hey Guys, I have a site which I have been experimenting with which has a PR1 and has wordpress as its CMS. I finished the experimenting and I don't want to throw away my domain I actually want to build its authority whilst giving you guys some really good SEO benefit. Now my site has been...
  12. H

    seo help

    Hello frnds i have a new site i just want some help or advice from you guys i get daily 4-5 articles from my writer to post so what should i do can i spin each article and post to article directory or should i submit the original content and if spun wil they accept the articles iam confused i...
  13. Ryabinchik

    Insane discounts! Summer sale! Blog posts + web2.0s + wikis + bookmarks + 301 redirects!

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  14. R

    200+ Live Links Guranteed-Article Marketing Robot Biggest successful article directories

    I was in biggest problem as my AMR tool was generating only 70 links but at a time but problem has been resolved now. Please have a look at the link below, guy is selling article directories at Fiverr that will generate more than 220 + links at a time. I am using these directories. He is at...
  15. killakem

    Question about article submission

    admin please delete this thread!!
  16. anuj291

    Supreme Article Marketing Domination - Quality Articles + Powerful Backlinks @ Cheap Price

    NOTICE: Due to the fact that the OP's Jr. VIP status has expired, the BHW staff is now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP status, he/she may contact a Moderator and request that this thread be re-opened and that this message be removed. - Thank You -
  17. ScrapeBoss

    NATIVE SPEAKERS - Article Writing Service From - Bonus Articles Article Writing Service Now For BHW Members High Quality Articles Written By Native Speakers Unique Content Factory is the article writing firm with strategic business partners that help website owners to succeed online through high quality content for their...
  18. H

    ?QUESTION need a pro on SEO that using SENuke ATM to answer this please

    Hello blackhaters!! I am using SENuke since days. I am thinking if is good to create an account on EVERY single article directory / video directory / social media LISTED on the program SENuke and use that to point my site / link dumping... If I am a senuke's boss , of course I will add some...
  19. P

    what is considered grey or even black but won't get me banned?

    I'm new, I've got 3-4 good sites making small amounts of money (about $10,000/month) and I need some tips on what will get me banned and what won't. Some examples: linkwheels forum posting profile links articles buying links in mass etc. Any tips would be good. If you private...
  20. S

    [REQ] Article Marketing Robot

    I have heard great things about this software. And would love to get my hands on it.My trial for it has expired so was wondering whether some one would be kind enough to share or crack it =)
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