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May 31, 2012
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Hey Guys,

I have a site which I have been experimenting with which has a PR1 and has wordpress as its CMS. I finished the experimenting and I don't want to throw away my domain I actually want to build its authority whilst giving you guys some really good SEO benefit.

Now my site has been updated to take on posts which when posted will have a page of their own and also be posted on my homepage.

The Rules

Yeash Guys its important not to piss on anybody's chips. (Rule number 1: There is no rules in fight club haha jokes!!)

Now seriously here are the rules!!!

Rule 1: Thou Shalt Not Use Spun Or Duplicate Crap On My Site (I will remove it otherwise)
Rule 2: Make Sure Your Posts And Links Are Relevant To The Category
Rule 3: You Can Add YouTube Vids OR Upload Your Own Vids But Make Sure You Add Them To The Video Category If Your Article Is Less Than 300 Words Long. Also Please Make Sure When You Upload A Vid That Its Not Going To Inflict Copy Right Or DMCA.
Rule 4: Do Not Blast Your Article With ScrapeBox OR Xrumer... Only quality links!! (I am quality link building already! And in time your article will get juicy :D)

If there is a category that's not there then please do not hesitate to PM me.
I will be moderating posts and videos to make sure that the quality is up to scratch after they have been posted.. However if it isn't I will be polite and email you about it:D!

Also there is no Captcha activated Hint!! Hint!! However be warned it must be good quality.

I will be updating the template after christmas to make it more awesome and user friendly.

The idea for this domain I have is to build its authority therefore producing a good amount of traffic which will then benefit you guys as a source for lead generations all for free :D...

If you have any problems just give me a shout!!

Get registering and be the first to benefit with some juice!!

Here is the Link
The registration isn't showing up for me.
Site down .. Fix it before giving services to others ..
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