1. seoways

    Anyone here plays Club Bell?

    Club Bell is an Indian art, that young men and women practice to gain to improve strength, agility, balance and physical ability. Japan has the another variant of Club Bell in practice..
  2. sayan1

    AI speedpaint videos

    Has anyone heard of the ways to fake art creation process videos with AI? Basically generate a speedpaint? Heard somewhere it's possible but I personally could not confirm it. I'm artist an myself, but I really need ways to speed up the content generation process.
  3. Y

    Need Designer for Discord server icon

    I need a designer for my discord server icon. It needs to be in gif format. I may also need a few other things designed also. Only respond if you are good at designing. I've been on this site a long time. Please respect me by not being a noob lel Thanks Yahni Ysrayl P.S. ah yea. Add me on...
  4. russellcool

    Free Unique Full Body Character Design for Your Brand or Personal Use

    Hello, we are looking for someone to test our "Full Body Character Design for Your Brand or Personal Use" service. It will be given to only one person free of charge. Requirements : Minimum 300+ Post Any Details That you want from us to draw Please post below, we will choose one of the...
  5. IamNRE

    Standout From The Crowd With a Cool Base Character

  6. B

    Question about NFTs

    So on the previous thread I commented about NFTs I got a reply from OP that got me thinking First taught was like , yeah you can't screenshot the monalisa painting but there's only one monalisa painting that was painted by a genius that hasn't seen the light of day on a while ! ( Hopefully...
  7. deathass01

    From 0 to $200k with NFT's and Opensea

    Hi All! Welcome to my new exciting journey. My Goal is to reach $200,000 revenue with creating NFT's on Opensea. What's an NFT? Non-fungible token. NFTs can really be anything digital (such as drawings, music, your brain downloaded and turned into an AI), but a lot of the current excitement...
  8. B

    [Proof of Concept] Is it possible to make money from your hobby on NFT marketplaces?

    Hi Guys! I've started a little journey about this crazy NFT world and I would like to share my experiences with you and help for those who are thinking in the NFT business. Couple of months ago I met with the world of the NFTs and I thought WTF happening in this world, people just spending...
  9. C

    Hello =.]

    Here to explore some niche marketing on a budget for mainly a Cryptocurrency / Cannabis / Art if anyone can help let know! =.]
  10. William702

    Are NFT's the new tulip mania?

    I am not here to start drama or to bad mouth crypto or NFT's. I genuinely know nothing about NFT's so forgive my ignorance so enlighten me if you can. I get crypto and it's value but wholly fucking shit this NFT stuff really makes me wonder and screams tulip mania I get virtual currency and...
  11. Chachazzle

    Salutations BHW! Chachazzle here!

    Hai! Nice to meet you all! Chachazzle here, but you can call me Nic/Nicole and just like many new members, newbie here. This site was recommended to me and so I decided to check it out and browse a little for a while. Eventually, I joined shortly after. I'm an amateur artist who specializes in...
  12. imccafey


    Has anyone here used Domestika? How are their courses as compared to Skillshare?
  13. imccafey


    What are some of the best blogs to follow for getting inspiration for starting out with drawing and illustrations?
  14. GringoMonkey

    (JV) My Art, Your Seo

    I can paint pretty much anything, print it on canvas and ship it anywhere for $6.50 inc s&h! My thoughts were to team up with someone who is good at seo, we brainstorm art they can rank and we can build out a site selling it. We can split profits 50/50. I can also sort the site, content and...
  15. imccafey

    Krita Tutorials

    Hi everyone! So I'm starting out with Krita as I've heard for digital illustrations and painting, this is a good tool. However, I'm not getting as much tutorials on krita as there exists for Illustrator or Photoshop. Is anyone aware of any YouTube channel or website I can use to learn? Thank you!
  16. mindcrimes

    SEO for artist (low text content)

    So this is what I've been thinking about in the last few months. My uncle is a graphic artist (traditional etching/engraving, not digital) and I'll be updating his site soon (currently on flash haha, still looks good but not useful anymore). I want to give him some organic exposure if nothing...
  17. N

    Websites to read comics online (free of charge)

    Here's a link to check and enjoy comics during this quarantine. Enjoy!
  18. LogoKing

    Do you think Instagram is a good place to sell logos?

    I have seen a lot of art on Instagram. Do you think this is a good place to try and sell logos and art? Do you think it’s better to make niche instagrams? One for let’s say logos and then another for other types of art? What is the best online website to sell logos and art? What would you say...
  19. Gore

    Testing testing *mic tap* is this thing on?

    I have no idea how I ended up here (stream stopped working?) but it's pretty much exactly what I've been looking for. I've seen a lot of stuff here I have some idea about - I've been buying bitcoins since 2011, worked as a stock market analyst, had to do my own marketing when I had a business...
  20. Atyat

    Hi boys and girls

    Hello everyone! i'm Sara Atyat, it's weird but i'm from morocco, and i like the American and British culture, maybe you can find that my english is very bad, but i'm just learning it, so as i can be better to speak without being shy or confused, so i'm 22 years old, and i'm an artist in...
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