1. D

    Looking to buy instagram account about Architecture/decoration

    Hi people, i am looking to buy an instagram account (above 5k followers) with a niche about architecture,interior design,decoration. Does any of you happen to sell an account like that or do you know where can i find one?
  2. vineet18

    The 1st link in the article should link to the most important page on site? Does that work?

    When publishing articles do you try to keep the 1st link in the article as a link to the most important page on your site?
  3. vineet18

    A Query related to Hub & Spoke Model - for a Website on WordPress

    For a WordPress website, would you like to keep the Hub/Pillar page as a "Page" or a "Post"? And, Spoke/Supporting pages would be "Pages" or "Posts"? For a new WP site, I thought to keep the Hub/Pillar page as "Page" & Spoke/Support pages as "Posts". What do you suggest?
  4. cardinalux

    Ask about programming and things/ideas you would loved to build

    Share your ideas and ask questions about anything related to the web/cloud.
  5. E

    What's the best SEO site structure/architechture? Please share your knowledge and exp.

    Hello, I have been searching for this in the forum but haven't been able to find anything on this topic. At least nothing really detailed and well explained. I have read several IM "courses" and any of them have different ways to structure the website that someone is supposed to build to rank...
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