1. D

    Are there any ad networks where you can immediately paste your ad code on any new site you own, and not need manual approval for each site?

    Let's say I regularly make new sites, and want to be able to put my ad code up immediately without requiring manual approval for the new site from an ad network. Are there any ad networks that allow you the just paste your ad code on any site you own? Without needing approval for that site first?
  2. jongmr

    [CPABuild] Application Declined

    a few hours ago, I tried to join CPABuild, and after some hours, I received this: I do not know why they Declined my request. I am using my real info, and for other important forms, I filed like this: Where did you hear about us? Promotional methods/traffic sources...
  3. O

    please help me understand this Adsense rejection message.

    here is the full letter i get We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means that your site isn’t ready to show ads yet. Valuable Inventory: No content We do not allow monetisation where there is no content. No content includes placeholder content for sites or apps under...
  4. dadyyanki

    Help CPA...what should i say

    I am trying to get approval in express revenue. They are asking for what GEO you use and what is monthly earning? What should i say ? To be honest I am not earning anything from cpa right now but i want to start with cpa. Help me getting this approval.
  5. dadyyanki

    Need help for getting approved in Express Revenue.

    Hey guys, my application is pending for express revenue cpa network. I want to get approved for it and start working with them also. The problem is I dont have any conversions yet. I am not running any other offer yet. I dont have proof. But i want that approval. What should i do please...
  6. Dmyles

    Help! Adsense not approved!

    I have site based on multi niche which is close 4 years old. 455 articles have been published so far and using a premium theme. I have submitted my site for Google adsense approval for several time and they rejected for not following their AdSense Program Policies. I check all my content with...
  7. A

    I Need Approval on Imonetizeit [Help Post]

    Hi, Dear All Member's of this forum. I am new in this forum. I am here to get help about approval of my Imonetizeit account. I need it urgent. If anyone here to help me, then please response . Regurd Anowar Hosain Amit
  8. cahbagus

    It it Safe to Buy an Adsense Account from a Different Country

    As the title says, I'm planning to buy and adsense account(on FIVERR) from an Indian guy but I'm afraid because I'm Indonesian citizen and I live at Indonesia. He will register the account using India IP then I will manage the account on Indonesia IP. Is it safe? Another thing i'm concerned is...
  9. ggvbro

    i need this info about adsense.

    Hi guys, i want send an approval request to google adsense, but i readed in a facebook group that they can't approve any new website due to covid19 pandemic. is that true ????
  10. sharyqkhan

    Hey everyone, looking for someone who can help me with adsense stuff

    I need someone to apply adsense accounts for me on daily basis, there will be different countries of adsense that you will need to apply but if the application gets matched during the reviewing process it will not count as work because they detect it due to same IP address. So i'll need you...
  11. T

    Moderator approval?

    Is there certain things I shouldn't say on this forum? Am I getting banned when it says the message can't be viewed in public?
  12. sharyqkhan

    I'm thinking of starting google news sites

    What price do you think i can get them flip at? I'll provide sites with professional design and etc and they will be google news approved. I just need your suggestions on that so I can make some improvements and changes to my future service. Thank you for your time.
  13. CPA Studio

    List of Approved DL Sites?

    so can i have the list of approved DL sites please? My post was taken down because of not having downloads on approved DL Sites would appreciate responses.
  14. Walther

    Approve My Blogs For AdSense

    Looking for someone who can get 2-5 websites approved with google adsense each month. After the recent google update they are rejecting most of my sites stating "under construction" or not clear reason. The blogs themselves are good quality. If you can almost guarantee approval within weeks I...
  15. webis

    Free .tk domain and adsense approval

    Could a .tk free domain be approved by adsense? Short answer: Yes! It is a 100% Autopilot Tech/Viral Niche of the same .com domain name I sold on flippa. It was not quick to get approval but meanwhile when a was searching for tk domain and adsense approval most of the results were that it...
  16. sharyqkhan

    Google AdSense Non-Hosted Approval + Website Development Services with Money Back & Acc Ban Guarant

    Dear Users: If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us (you can find our contact info above) we will be happy to answer you.
  17. Sheepp

    Google ads : disapproved for me, yet competitors are using it .. ?

    Hi, until now I focused only on "free" trafic and SEO and I wanted to try some ads to see how it goes. I tried to create a Youtube Ad, but my ad got disapproved. I understand the reason why, as my niche is in a "borderline area" when you read their policies. Yet what I don't understand is...
  18. D

    Do Sites Need Approval from Adsense?

    I just got a new adsense account (like 28 days ago). I added the adsense code to a different site, but the ads aren't showing. So my question is, does adsense team have to approve a site before ads start showing on the site?
  19. A

    Upwork account approval help

    While applying for a new account, most of the applicants get this error: "Thank you for submitting your application to join Upwork. As we do with everyone who wishes to join Upwork, we carefully reviewed your profile to determine whether there is sufficient need for your skills and experience in...
  20. S

    Getting approved for crakrevenue offers?

    Hey guys, I able to successfully get approved into crakrevenue, but I'm having trouble getting approved for some offers that are available on request only. Does anyone have any advice for getting approved for these offers? Thanks
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