1. jstarkseo

    Finding someone who can do apple maps & Upwork CC

    Hey Guys, As the title says, I'm looking for a good provider for apple maps and the VCC that works on upwork all the time. Contact Me here tele: Thanks
  2. systemad

    Your Traffic + My Apps

    I have several iOS apps that could use your traffic. Apps: The type of apps are in gaming (several different games), streaming, paranormal, widget, security, prank, identifier, walk adventure, and photo editing. More details of the app will be provided in PM. Traffic: Any type of source of...
  3. V

    Music Streaming with Qobuz. Has anyone tried it?

    Hello, Has anyone tried streaming their own songs with qobuz? Apparently a in 2018 they paid 4 cents per stream, might be lower today. But I would really like to know if anyone has experience with making money with qobuz.
  4. L

    Looking for iOS bot-holder

    Hello. I do not sell anything. I just want to find a partner with iOS bot. I have lots of USA apple accs, and we can work together. I do not sell accs, just want to find a partner. Also i have lots of iOS apps and games which we can promote.
  5. L

    Hello! I am Alex. Looking for iOS installs

    Hey! My name is Alex! I have many iOS apps and clients with apps. Also i have lots of iOS accounts, and want to find bot holders and work together!
  6. Ricostrong

    Ios Issue Or...

    Hi all. when i had iphone xs didnt have this problem,now in my 13Pro the issue is id like to call is that for example u are in facebook or ig etc, and for a moment u didnt touch nothing but somehow got into camera and opens got the latest Version tried to clean smth but nothing happend is there...
  7. Ashk881

    Apple might launch their own search engine

    Found something interesting. What do you think? Will Apple go an extra mile launch an internet crawling , fully public search engine? Or will this just be an extension to Siri?
  8. Bloodseeker

    Why does't Apple discontinue iCloud already? Any good cloud sync services for Mac?

    I have an Apple ecosystem because they all work so seamlessly together. iCloud on the other hand is their most irritating service. Its downloads are freakishly slow. Needed to download 90GB of data from iCloud Drive before canceling my subscription but their site kept showing: "There was a...
  9. EmailMaster


    APPLE MUSIC AVAILABLE - ✧ Validity : 3 Months ✧ Warranty : 3 Months ✧ NOT HACKED - LEGIT MADE - Benefits - ✧ Use Towards Stream Counts - Rank up your song on the charts, get paid for streams, or Run a Streaming Marketing Service (even Smm Panels). ✧ You Don't need to use your own CC or have to...
  10. bookingsjgoode

    Apple Music Plays or Playlist

    Are there anyone up here who can help me get more Apple Music streams. I've searched all over this bhw + google and see others doing it but they don't have a service for it. I'm willing to work a lifetime.
  11. Bloodseeker

    Microsoft following the footsteps of Apple with Windows 11

    The design and UI look very similar to MacOS. The centered taskbar, the initial setup steps, icons, and overall UI. Now Mac haters will lecture me in the PM :(
  12. mic1hael

    With Apple Telling you when Facebook is listening on their devices is it still worth advertising on Facebook?

    With the latest news with Apple going to war with Facebook and blocking their listening on their devices, will this significantly impact Facebook ads? (Source:
  13. MgicalaEarner

    Apple Lost $81 Billion Market Value After Announcing Its New iPhone 12.

    This is crazy. i am sure its because of removing Charger. End of Apple :suspicious: Source:
  14. T

    Who ate all the Apples

    Ok there has been lots of news lately on Apple event where they launched new products and updates. Other tech companies also released news of new ventures etc.. Netflix had that big deal with Prince Harry and megan etc... Then why have all these stocks dropped, dropped alot over last week...
  15. Petta

    Apple IOS 14 new policy which affects Facebook advertising business

    In the upcoming IOS 14, Apple will not collect IDFA which is the unique device number that helps to better target ads and calculate the effectiveness of the ad. If this implemented 50% drop in the Facebook Audience Network advertising business (This policy mostly affects Facebook ad business)...
  16. M

    Apple Music Expert

    We are looking out for someone who can make our music go viral on apple music. We need genuine work.
  17. LogoKing

    Robinhood Free Stock Daily

    Hello my name is Charles. There is currently a great way to receive FREE Stock. Have you heard of Robinhood? It's FREE to sign up. This also in my opinion is the best way to Day trade or Invest your money. I would suggest you look up RobinHood so you know it's legitamate. I would also suggest...
  18. G

    How to avoid paying Apple and Android 30%

    Hi, I was hired by a company that has a 3 level course that people pay to access to each level once they finished the previous one. So, someone developed an App to do the course in the phone and when they submitted it to Apple it got rejected because the user has to go to the company's website...
  19. Anacleto

    Need help to understand how WhatsApp bans numbers

    My phone number has been banned on WhatsApp for bulk messaging from WhatsApp Web using a macro recorder and I immediatly ran to the store and bought a new SIM card. I created this new account but it was banned instantly (Didn't bulk message or anything, just sent some messages to some of my...
  20. philberndt

    Managing Apple ID's

    Hello, I have a bunch of Apple ID's from several different geolocations, I haven getting locked out of them, I tried using a VPN to connect to them from the most relevant geolocation that I could find but I still get locked out, does anyone know how to bypass this? is the VPN getting detected...
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