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  1. webinaz

    App Promotion Video-- Guide to App Promotion via Video

    The major reason that Apple store and Google play give publishers opportunity to upload videos about their app. App review videos can help you very much about your app and visitors can understand at accurate level plus will download your app happily. If you have made an app review video than you...
  2. Tunenchi

    application developer needed for payment gateways

    simply thinking of making an application which will enable a cell phone user from Tanzania to transfer mobile money to "moneybookers". The main aim is to make it easy for an internet user from within the country to purchase online with no direct use of the credit and debit cards. Due to the...
  3. M

    How to attract users to my facebook apps and games ?!

    Developing an app or a game for the facebook platform is real easy and I have lots of new ideas for making apps, but the problem is how to get users after publishing the app. I use most of the viral methods in the market while developing the app, like sharing the output on the user's wall...
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