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App Promotion Video-- Guide to App Promotion via Video

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by webinaz, May 3, 2016.

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    The major reason that Apple store and Google play give publishers opportunity to upload videos about their app. App review videos can help you very much about your app and visitors can understand at accurate level plus will download your app happily. If you have made an app review video than you can use this for your advertisement plus attach at your website. Now we will explain and give nice detail about videos from different aspects.

    Creative Guidelines ? iOS vs. Android:

    We have tried to tell detail about difference between iOS vs. Android according to videeo format, length and creative guidelines. A bit difference comes about video format. If you will upload video at Google play then Google play will say to upload through youtube but Apple?s app store say to upload through your PC.
    Now what will be matter about video length? Google usually allows the video length between 30 sec to 2 minutes. Recently Apple now allowed uploading just 30 sec video. However, you can post your app video at both areas according to given length of time. If you want to create a long video then this thing will not favor you because users or customers like short and complete videos. So you should remain within given time frame. Through this you can get more users and fan. This brings us to creative mind. Remember, app reviews for iOS are not local but will move to global level. You should work with high quality equipment without any background noise. By adopting this procedure all audio in your preview app will generate great results. You should use screen pointer to for more visually of video. If you see the guidelines in Google Play, you will note that they want such as videos which are funny and attractive.

    Explaining Your App Promotion Video:
    Keeping in mind about length, time and guidelines limits you can use videos for different marketing goals and channels. For example Apple only accepts those videos that are of max 30 sec. In routine the commercial of 15--59 sec are most liked and provide nice results. The video will explain how app helps in your daily life. Videos between 60 to119 secs are such organized that users or customers can stay or stop at any point to get the clear and right information. Such videos have its own importance.
    There are crowd funding videos that may be average 2.5 minutes. Videos created for the purpose of humanitarian or crowd funding must use to explain the customers why such app was developed and created. Theme of the video may be like a story in which the publishers also tell about the app and future plan.
    Important Tools to Create Your App Video:

    Here we shall tell you about different methods and tools being used for developing your app. Publisher must choose the right tool for App store will require uploading MP4 files not Youtube. Further, ios app promotion videos now only show on mobile devices not on iTune. So initially you can develop two videos to send to each store according to their device. This is also suggested to must use ios templates found in some DIY platforms.

    Hybrid Tools

    This is true that video production may not match with users or customers thinking 99% but this is blessing that there are many offline plus online tools to help you can create plus edit videos according to need. There are further opportunities. You can create universal and unique Android videos in hybrid form. You can start from prototype to save precious time and then edit it according to requirements.700This can work like DIY platform. You do not need editing online nor use of libraries but you can edit in your home on your PC.
    Outsourcing the Benefits;

    We really like DIY platform but you can also outsource production the app preview video. Regardless of your budget you can call a pro for production of video. Good companies that specialize in promotional videos of mobile app are Apptamin, Veed AppDemo Video and Video4App. Re-purposing your app preview video for marketing campaigns this is an important point that if you have uploaded video at Google play then it means it is shared at youtube. It is the biggest search channel for videos. This thing will open a new social media channel for you and your approach to great and more number of users or customers. This is a study that video increase awareness about 74% and downloads rate at mobile device is increased by 85%. Your video will be uploaded in a different way to Apple store.The it is allowed to share at youtube and Vimeo or other channels.

    Now there is also another opportunity for you. There can be created a short version of video for app install ads. Keep in mind that app marketing is not related to ASO.It works to attract and retain people inside the store plus also convince the people to see the store with paid ads. This is not important at this place about what type of app you have developed. So your app should be according to real need of people. There should be a clear message in your released video about your app for support and help of customers. Your video should be complete and at right place for marketing and success of your app. When you will take care of all these things then you will grow in right direction.
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    Good points there. What are the different file formats accepted by Google Play store and IOS?
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    great info, the promo.video helps a lot in app ranking and can attract more users,