anonymous payments

  1. S

    Solutions for getting paid on a movie website?

    I am struggling to find a proper solution for getting paid as a merchant, with a movie streaming site. The site does not contain ads, it's more like netflix, based on monthly subscriptions. An ideal solution would be a payment gateway accepting credit cards which would (in/directly) result to...
  2. aka_ab

    Getting Paid Completely Anonymous

    I will buy offshore domain and hosting using bitcoins. I will buy these bitcoins using my personal debit card on clearnet. I will transfer them to a wallet created with Tor and exchange it for Monero and then again to bitcoin. Tumble it a few times and send it to another wallet created using...
  3. aka_ab

    How do they cashout?

    I know a movie pirate site that earns $40M a year. The domain is blocked many times and they receive many threats from copyright agencies. They just change the domain extension everytime they get blocked. Now let us assume that 1) They use a offshore VPS that ignores DMCA 2) Paid for the...
  4. A

    HELP NEEDED! Webmoney payout options

    Hello everybody! I'm working for a hosting site and get paid in webmoney. I would like to pay my WME out in cash. Are there any safe and anonymous options? I've heard about VCC (virtual credit cards), which i can use to receive webmoney transfers and then use for online payments or pay outs...
  5. U

    ACCEPT Perfect-Money payments on VirtueMart

    Now you are able to accept PerfectMoney anonymous payments on joomla based websites using our brand new plugin Features Perfect Money for VirtueMart Plugin is a VirtueMart payment plugin for Perfect Money payment gateway. Link Virtuemart with Perfect Money Take payments online Compatible...
  6. I

    [Method] 100% Anonymity--Links/Resources/How To A Paranoid Blackhatters Guide To Staying A

    100% Anonymity--Links/Resources/How To A Paranoid Blackhatters Guide I am not here to seduce anyone to pay me. None of these links are affiliate links. THis is my first opportunity to give back to this community that is truly changing my life. I am done seducing for the night--I did that...
  7. T

    Way to accept money transfer anonymously?

    Hello BHW, Quick question.I know this sounds sketchy, but in this internet world we live in one of the last things I want to do is give a 'stranger' I meet on the internet my personal details. Is there anyway to accept a money transfer (bank wire or something) anonymously (besides paypal)? Any...
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