1. B

    Animoto effectiveness in 2015?

    A few years ago services like Animoto that could generate unique videos at the push of a button were all the rage. Are services like this still an effective tool for this same intention? Or have they lost effectiveness because of overuse and over saturation of marketers? Any thoughts or ideas...
  2. M

    Looking for working .edu email creation website

    Hello, i am looking for working .edu email creation website tried many sites no one isworking fine for me
  3. elviswong

    [TUTORIAL] How to DOWNLOAD your Animoto VIdeo

    Just go to:********/360p.mp4 and replace ******** with your video id
  4. popzzz

    [GET][TUTORIAL] Animoto Plus Account Free Forever

    Well ..... as long as they have it and don't change it that is LOL! FIRST off let me start out with BIG thanky thankys to the original post/thread by Valefor for without her we wouldn't be here in the first place and since she graciously turned the reins over to me I'm starting this...
  5. M

    Animoto and php

    HI, I have experience using the REST api with php, but was wondering if anyone had some code snippets handy for sending images to animoto's api and downloading the resulting videos handy.. If so, I would be willing to purchase. just pM me
  6. D

    Met a chick off of POF got lucky and also gained a client.

    So what's up everyone. I have been in this forum for a little while now, and lots of good info in here. I just want to ask for some help from you guys. See this girl i just met works for a safelock company, and I was explaining to her about SEO, and Google adwords, and the f*ing fifty dollar...
  7. me8626

    Do you know a software as Animoto?

    Hi! I was thinking on buy a membership on animoto, the only reason I looking for another option it's because I don't like the Animoto logo at the end of the video. Do you know other software as Animoto?:confused: Thanks
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