1. maloofmlaik

    Hey Got here Today

    Hey there Guys Hope you all are doing well. I am doing social media marketing from 2016 and I also have experience with websites visitors and stuff. Have been using epic traffic bot pro from 1.5 years and Torpedo traffic generator as well. Have experience with cheap Datacentre or residential...
  2. O

    How much do manga websites make ?

    I have read a few posts by people who run manga/anime/movie website but no one seems to mention how much they make, that got me wondering how much they could be making per 1000 visits and is this niche worth getting into
  3. a148201i

    Wordpress + Dropbox Embedding alternative solution

    There's this plugin called Out of the box: Out of the Box I'm basically using this for my anime website. However, the UI is very scuffed and limited. What I couldn't help but notice is that there isn't anything else out there like this plugin for Wordpress. By connecting your Dropbox account...
  4. S

    i need anime streaming api pls

    Hello, as you read in the title, i need anime streaming api Even if it was paid api
  5. O

    Does anyone has experience with anime streaming websites?

    I want to start an anime streaming website, but if someone has experience with this I would appreciate some feedback or recommendations. I'm thinking of using offshore hosting and I'm exploring options for the sources of the episodes but I dont have any coding knowledge and I'm not sure how to...
  6. Proxyir

    Any anime lovers here? Any money making ideas?

    I love manga and anime since I was a child. I always wanted to create my own anime or to be involved in the anime/manga niche. Are there any ways to make money in this industry and is there anyone that does it at the moment?
  7. LeviAckkerman

    Just started my first business at 20yo in Europe

    Just started my embroidery business, (yes, I'll make a journey about that no worries, soon!) I am wondering if you know any suppliers, I want to buy some hoodies, but cannot find any cheaper than 10$, I found the T-shirts, but still missing the hoodies, any suggestions? I mostly do Anime...
  8. AlexSeiler

    Growing Instagram Accounts till freedom

    I started growing Instagram Accounts back in 2018. I often tried it but never succeeded. So I created two accounts in an easy niche: Anime Why did I choose the anime Niche: -There are unlimited animes and animes are getting more popular around the world, especially in my area. -I watched a...
  9. L

    Seo expert for anime site needed

    Hello I’m still looking for an SEO expert to make necessary improvements on content/keywords and other SEO related tasks (on and off page). I need someone that just “gets it” and knows what to do with the site. Someone that doesn’t need too much supervision as I work a lot. The goal is to get...
  10. L

    Looking for SEO expert for anime site(s)

    I'm in need of an SEO expert to work on an anime site and future anime-related sites.
  11. anddontcare

    [Hiring] I need an expert to monetize manga sites

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for someone who is really have knowledgeable/expert in google adsense and other ad networks so I can monetize my site more efficiently (it would be something like a mentorship). I have a lot of visits (425.0K per month ) but what I earn is little compared to what I...
  12. V

    Change this Wordpress plugin so it posts anime content

    This one so that it could post anime content pls can anyone do that
  13. llrestio

    Popular anime downloading site using Adsense

    I am using this website called from a long time for downloading animes in 1080p quality called kayoanime and whoever created this website is using only adsense ad no popup no spammy ads. I am wondering how tf this guy isn't banned from google adsense. This website is similar to another website...
  14. Jaminha

    Some questions from a newbie about TikTok Ads, copyright, dropshipping and anime :)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here at BHW and I started a dropshipping operation with the anime niche, and I'm sorry for my English. But if you don't mind, I have some questions that I would be very happy and grateful if someone answered them, it would help me a lot.:) 1 (Copyright) - What are the...
  15. J

    How to get traffic for anime streaming website?

    Hi, I'm quite new to getting traffic, I have an anime streaming site, whose videos are embeds taken from other sites, I'm currently kinda creating Facebook pages for the newest airing anime and link back to my site for watching, but currently only have about 100 visitors per day. I'm wondering...
  16. O

    Good MCN for anime content?

    hey, I'm running a channel with 200k subscribers and none of the videos have copyright claims. Does anyone know a good MCN for an anime channel? I could monetize by myself if I could but for some reason that bot reviewing the applications never seems to like anime content. Already tried like 11...
  17. A

    [method] make money with memes

    Hi, you can make money by creating memes online. create meme post like above and make money. there are many ways to make money in this website. For example there is a keyword section, if you use the keyword they said in your memes you can make...
  18. shiboshy

    A Cool Anime (Naruto Inspired) ERC-20 Token (Uzumaki Inu) with low MC and great future plans

    The market is going up parabolic and I usually share interesting tokens early (such as Shib and Leash about a year ago). Well, here is something interesting for the Anime lovers as well. First of all I'd like to mention that this is not a financial advice. DYOR & NFA. Uzumaki Inu - I think...
  19. J

    Can someone help me with making anime sites?

    I have some basic knowledge in html, css and js. I don't really understand how I've to post anime on my site so that the viewers can stream online. It'd be nice if someone could give me a step by step guide. I've heard of anime scrapping, embedded links etc don't know which would be the best...
  20. aboelezz

    Hello There <3

    Hello My name is Aboelezz i am here to see how i can increase my site traffic and have a new friends or even find someone to work with me on the site : AnimeIX I am almost beginner in seo things
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