1. andelemamy

    Help logging Android packets from an app

    I have an app and need someone to help me log some packets. The app has SSL pinning, so I will need someone with a rooted phone. Message me if you can help and provide prices. Thanks
  2. T

    Developer needed for Mobile Bot Farm

    I'm seeking an automation tool that can simulate user activity on an Android app (Amazon Music). The primary objective is to open and log into the app multiple times on a single Android device. Key Requirements: - The tool should be capable of opening and logging in to the app multiple times. -...
  3. Software Monster

    FREE REVIEW COPY ⭐⭐ Dominate the Mobile App Market ⚡⚡ High-Quality Android & iOS Development ⚡⚡

    Hello moderators and fellow BHW members, I am pleased to submit my App development service for review and approval in the marketplace. Technology Framework: Flutter { Only specific } Industries Niche We Serve: E-Commerce | Car Rental | Corporate | Food & Beverage | Investment | Education...
  4. C

    Creating 100 tiktok accounts everyday without getting banned

    hello , im charged to create 100 tiktok account on tiktok and to post videos on it , for that i use my phone and my computer i create the account i scan the qr code on the computer post the video and thats it , the problem is that when i reach i certain amout of account i start guetting errors...
  5. 4mish

    Hello Everyone - I'm a software developer learning BHW marketing

    Hello everyone, I discovered this forum a few days back and it has been very helpful, so I decided to sign up. I'm a software developer (mobile apps) who recently got interested in mobile app automation using iOS and Android simulators. I've been working with mobile apps for more than 10...
  6. vorakkas

    Social Apps on Android - MAC address???

    So I'm still green at this and wanted to ask whether MAC address matters when running android apps? Instagram, Whatsapp etc? I heard on newer Android versions MAC address is randomized anyway but... my rooted devices all run on Android 8 and below. So is that going to be a problem? I've got...
  7. D

    [Giveaway] Free Access to ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude 3, DALL-E 3, on Android ☑️

    Instructions: Beta Request: Request beta access via #REMOVED Approval: After approval, you’ll receive an email with a link to the internal Google Play Store. Installation: - Click the link from your email. - Download and install OneChat AI on your device. Launch: Open OneChat AI and start...
  8. C

    [NEED HELP] Trying to extract APK from a Zebra with Airwatch installed.

    Hi ! Not sure if I am in the right place though, but I'll shoot my shot. I have an Zebra TC26, and it got airwatch with pretty much everything set as an blacklisted app (settings, google play, basically everything) Though, I need to extract an .APK from it, and I have tried many things, usb...
  9. conexur

    What about Pangle? (Tiktok's Ad network)

    Hi: I'm integrating the Pangle SDK (The Tiktok Admob competitor) to try as secondary option for Admob, but not using Admob mediation, I will integrate directly with they SDK. Any prior experiences with this (RPM, etc)? Thanks.
  10. Giany18

    Multiple Android Emulator Apps

    Hello BHW! - Anyone know how can I have multiple android emulator apps? (Bluestacks or MEMU) - I tried with Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) and I get errors when launching Bluestacks and also when launching MEMU… If anyone can help me, I would be grateful! Thanks :)
  11. Nw_Work

    Help update sdk using aab/apk

    Issue found: Violation of User Data, Permissions and APIs that Access Sensitive Information Policies We have observed that your app is using an SDK that is designed to collect device location by default. This SDK can result in your app violating the prominent disclosure and consent and/or...
  12. I

    Hack android games for easy Swagbucks/mistplay etc?

    I was wondering if it's possible to use a rooted phone and either hacking apps like game guardian or cheat engine, lucky patcher etc. pre modded apk's, or reverse engineering a games APK to cheat and reach the required level or stats or whatever progresses needed to complete game offers on...
  13. J

    How do I download tinder on emulator?

    When downloading tinder from the google play store on emulator, it makes me sign in with a Google account. So my first question is: can you use 1 Google account to download tinder on every different Android you have set up on emulator? And questions 2 is: is there any other way to download...
  14. M

    Looking for IOS/Android app developers with already published apps

    Looking for developers with published apps in AppStore/Google play If you have any published apps on Google Play or AppStore(any) email me in PM
  15. T

    Android GPS Location Spoofer (Location Faker)

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with geolocation spoofing on android, I would appreciate any help and advice. I'll tell you briefly what the point is. As far as I know, you can fake a location on Android only by activating developer mode, but many applications detect this and immediately...
  16. A

    Phone Farm newbie guide?

    Greetings professionals! I have recently started delving into the phone farm concept. I am curious as to how others initially setup their devices? I am currently experimenting on 2-3 devices. Now for the personas in the phones, I've already gotten proxies that are from the US. I am using Drony...
  17. N

    Where can I sell a movies and tv shows streaming app that I've developed?

    Hello, I have developed a serverless, automated movies and TV streaming portal app with an auto-embed function and looking to sell it so any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. A

    Making an undetectable android bot that runs multiple instances. Can anyone point me in right direction?

    Hello. Today I decided that i want to try to make a bot for a shopping site, but all tutorials i've seen only talk about how to automate the process itself.I want to learn how to manage running multiple instances of my bot along with changing its fingerprints (and everything else that should be...
  19. Luca Jones

    Looking for android installs ONLY that do not drop

    Hello, We are currently looking for android installs. We have tried some "popular" ones around, but most of them drop after a while. Please let me know if you can provide android installs that do not drop. Thanks!
  20. sweetangellis

    Android (maybe even IOS) Automation! Looking for a Partner for my TikTok journey

    Hey guys, I am looking for a partner who is able to programm an automation for TikTok account creation and uploads. I have some experience in the TikTok space and plan on automating the account creation and upload process. Maybe someone with good experience can help me with the automation...
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