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  1. Bloodseeker

    Launched my first Android app on Google Play Store!

    Finally, my first Android app is live on the app store. It's a webview app for my money site. App got suspended after the first review submission: I had the same issue that @Hello Fello had: But after...
  2. Xtreme19

    Looking for someone to promote a wallpaper app

    I have a hot n(ot so safe for work) app on play store. I want more installs and reviews. I am not looking for fake reviews and installs. I will pay per 100 installs or monthly(If you can bring constant installs). Thanks.
  3. Xtreme19

    4K Hot Woman Wallpapers App needs Uploader

    We need uploaders for android app. You can download & register here : We are looking for someone who can upload 20 to 30 wallpapers a day. Quality should be 4K, UHD or HD only. We can offer per post or per day prices.
  4. Dmyles

    Free Android app builder.

    Hi, Is there any free app builder supports push notification and auto refresh? Note - Want to covert a website into app
  5. FreeMan228

    Facebook Audience Network question

    Hello guys, recently I published 2 apps on google play where one was accepted by FAN and the second one is not. So my questions is it safe to use ads ids from the app which was accepted for the app which is not? Maybe someone had such experience:) I know that @vinku definitely know the answer ;)...
  6. Reggiekray92

    Looking for an IOS and Android App Dev

    Hi, Im looking for an app developer, i will provide you a competitors app for you to mimmick whilst also adding in a few extra things. It is on the dating app side of things. I will also use you for future updates and bug fixes etc so this means i dont have to go to an external person for...
  7. Z

    New Journey

    Life is hard when Google Change policies every Second , i will change my strategie but Today i will Make Apps But Legal Apps , i will Start with 1 Rdp every Week i will Open Google Play Account using using Vertual Bank Every Week .. 1 Rdp = 1 GP = 20 apps Cloning
  8. G

    Movie App making

    Hello everyone, i was thinking about to make an android app for movie streaming. I just want to know if It is safe to make so. I will use offshore database and vpn to do everything and not personal email account. Movies will not be stored on my servers. It will be from by other uploaders from...
  9. r3L4x

    NEED HELP FROM EXPERTS! Google Play Violation of Trademark Infringement policy

    Hello guys, really need some help. Yesterday I got email that I have 7 days to change my app as I got Violation of Trademark Infringement policy... App is nearly 4 years old and it have nearly one million downloads. Example: they registered as trademark I have but I did...
  10. bunaziua

    Android app Reskin

    Hi bhw members, I got a question, how to reskin android games from codecanyon? Is it enough only to change splash screen, icon, graphics and buttons for a successfull publish on play market? Thanks
  11. sundivjat

    Platform for making Android Apps

    Hi Friends, Which platform you are using for creating Android Apps?
  12. F

    Need help on getting install for my Android App

    Hi, Recently I've finished a new Android app. Since it's a movies related app, we can't publish it on Google play store, we give the apk installation file instead. The app is now going viral itself but there're not as many users as we want. I am wondering if there is any way I can get more...
  13. vibedz

    Convert my Blog into Android App

    Hi beautiful people I need a help to convert my blog into android app and publish it on Appstore any Idea please?
  14. Drexson HD

    my Monetize free VPN App + Your Traffic

    Looking for someone to promo my VPN App. we share the profit 60/40 . if you bring steady traffic and download we split 55/45 for lifetime.
  15. A

    Make APP with No skills and earn $200-$300 Daily No investments Needed

    So Here I'm going to explain to You How You can create your android/ios application and make a big fat money over $200-$300 per day. What all You Need- -A admob Account (create for free) -A appbuilder account (can be created in free) -A earning app through which the users can make money. You...
  16. crissdinesh

    Google is killing AdSense Mobile Apps on Android and iOS

    According to AdSense blog post: The AdSense Android and iOS apps will be deprecated in the coming months, and will be discontinued and removed from the app stores by the end of 2019. As a result, we will be focusing our investment on the AdSense mobile web interface and sunsetting the current...
  17. P

    how to increase data consumption of an app on android ? any trick or tip ?

    please helpp
  18. djsobuj

    Best ads network for Android Apps???

    I don't want to use admob as they need adsense and when I tried to signup for adsense it says I already have one. So what Network should I use to earn better money by my Android apps?
  19. eNzim

    I'm looking for an Android app developer

    I'm looking for a professional Android developer that would help me in creating an app. The budget for the first step is ~$300 All the added functionalities will be new projects, we can agree on the price of those once this step is done. I wouldn't like to go into details publicly, I will...
  20. FreeMan228


    What's up everyone, I hope we still got few android warriors here cause this forum branch looks quite dead:devil: Guys what analytics tool do you use to manage multiple google developers accounts? Have a great day everyone!:cool: