android app

  1. F

    I am looking for an app developer. IOS/Android

    Hi there! I'm on the look for someone who can help me build an app. I don't know what goes into creating an app, I'd really appreciate your insights and recommendations. App Features: Smart Archiving – Instant Access: Tagging system for documents. Full-text search functionality. Filters for...
  2. D

    Need 20 Android App Tester (New Google Developper Policy)

    Hi Due to recent Google Developper policy, to submit an app we will need 20 people that test the app for 14days. (see below) I dont care if its 1 person or 20, but...
  3. Tatsuhiko

    (SOLUTION) high risk problem - google play developers accounts getting banned problem

    hello dear reskinners , recently many of you faced huge account termination problems , mainly the high risk problem , usaly accunts getting banned fresh or with an app in review and the problem is related to many factors , and solution is simple - you are using same source code in multiple...
  4. VPN Rice

    What do you desire in a VPN application?

    Hello everyone, we are researching and developing a VPN application. Currently, we have released it for the Android operating system on the Google Play Store. We would like to understand what you need in a VPN application so that we can improve our app and provide the best value to users. Thanks!
  5. IOS passive

    Journey to make $100/day from IOS & Android apps

    Hello everybody, I am a long-time lurker around here but only now created this account to share my journey because this will help keep me motivated as well as share helpful information along the way. I am a 25-year-old male, have been working as a backend developer for the last few years, and...
  6. flprocess

    ⭐Mirror your website to Android application ⭐ Ready to upload application of your website ⭐Easy access for your clients ⭐ Future updates...

    HOW DO I CONTACT YOU / ORDER? You can start a conversation with me here in BHW or by Telegram (I don't use Skype) Please be advised I work and answer on EUROPE time. Refund policy: If the application does not work / not compatible with your website OR does not work as described (and I can't...
  7. seoforever

    I Want to Make Money by Android App

    Hi BHW Members, Which niche is the best to generate income via android app? Please suggest some good concept so I can build my android app to generate income. Thank you
  8. Venom Panther

    Android App Case Study [$22000+ in 1.3 years only from my 2 Apps]

    Android App Case Study Hello Everyone, Thanks for such a good response ! Ignore the Typos in the Content!! Lets start, This is a practical case study on how I earned close to $22000+ in 1.3 years only from my 2 apps. How did it all started? Few month ago I shared one app case study in this...
  9. all_rock

    What are the best google ads tips for app install?

    Hello, I have a global app. I want increase download with google ad but cpi is high. Are there any tips to recude cpi for 2022? How do you find ads keyword for app? Is to copy campaign helpful? If you share some tips i will be happy. I can't take downloads with low cpi.
  10. skferdous

    CPA Offerwall Mediation

    I'm developing a get paid to android app and integrating CPA offerwalls from various ad networks. Is there any website or way I can create one offerwall using multiple vendors, or is there any offerwall mediation service?
  11. FabioSelau

    SEO for Play Store?

    Hello, I would like to know if PlayStore SEO works more or less with the same algorithm as Google, that one of the factors is the domain authority, built by the backlinks. If I create backlinks to my app's link on the Play Store, will it improve in searches or is the SEO on the Play Store only...
  12. skferdous

    Trending: Android Earning app Business

    Hi, I'm planning to create a android app like cointiply. App will have lots of user who will watch videos and complete task like download app/game, complete surveys and many more which will generate the money. Now There is few issues I need to clear before start: 1.What are the good...
  13. Bloodseeker

    Launched my first Android app on Google Play Store!

    Finally, my first Android app is live on the app store. It's a webview app for my money site. App got suspended after the first review submission: I had the same issue that @Hello Fello had: But after...
  14. Xtreme19

    Looking for someone to promote a wallpaper app

    I have a hot n(ot so safe for work) app on play store. I want more installs and reviews. I am not looking for fake reviews and installs. I will pay per 100 installs or monthly(If you can bring constant installs). Thanks.
  15. Xtreme19

    4K Hot Woman Wallpapers App needs Uploader

    We need uploaders for android app. You can download & register here : We are looking for someone who can upload 20 to 30 wallpapers a day. Quality should be 4K, UHD or HD only. We can offer per post or per day prices.
  16. Dmyles

    Free Android app builder.

    Hi, Is there any free app builder supports push notification and auto refresh? Note - Want to covert a website into app
  17. FreeMan228

    Facebook Audience Network question

    Hello guys, recently I published 2 apps on google play where one was accepted by FAN and the second one is not. So my questions is it safe to use ads ids from the app which was accepted for the app which is not? Maybe someone had such experience:) I know that @vinku definitely know the answer ;)...
  18. Reggiekray92

    Looking for an IOS and Android App Dev

    Hi, Im looking for an app developer, i will provide you a competitors app for you to mimmick whilst also adding in a few extra things. It is on the dating app side of things. I will also use you for future updates and bug fixes etc so this means i dont have to go to an external person for...
  19. Z

    New Journey

    Life is hard when Google Change policies every Second , i will change my strategie but Today i will Make Apps But Legal Apps , i will Start with 1 Rdp every Week i will Open Google Play Account using using Vertual Bank Every Week .. 1 Rdp = 1 GP = 20 apps Cloning
  20. G

    Movie App making

    Hello everyone, i was thinking about to make an android app for movie streaming. I just want to know if It is safe to make so. I will use offshore database and vpn to do everything and not personal email account. Movies will not be stored on my servers. It will be from by other uploaders from...
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