android app developers

  1. J

    Need to make android app comply with google play console

    A while ago I purchased a license for an Android Rewards app I did some redesign but it went against the google play console terms which contain code to download or install applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play. anyone can make it comply with google play console DM me I'll...
  2. A

    Disk read error occurred

    Hi folks! Hope everyone s doing good! I recently tried to clean up my laptop ACER aspire, but when I tried to turn it on this message comes everytime I tried to !" Disk read error occured press ctrl+alt+dlt to restart" ,I do it and it takes me to same loop again and again ! I have a ton of...
  3. FindingMyNiche

    Whisper Confession

    I need a bot for an Android app called Whisper Confession. Simple bot. Posts to groups at random intvevals. Anwsers Incoming messages Comment below or message me.
  4. ossamamarwan

    Can I get buildbox for free ?

    Hi BHW members! I want to start with buildbox ppl whos don't know buildbox is a sofware for create games without coding (Android,Ios,Windows..) Pricing $240/Year or $20/month I can't pay this prices I'm newbie in online business How can we gets this software free without cracking...
  5. PoisonReverse

    Android Money - Living off apps in a year is that possible?

    I was inspired my @vinku to create this post. Let's go! This year I finished university and I got a developer position in one of the most cutting-edge startups in Barcelona. I asked for the human resources if I could shorten the schedule and enter to work only half a day. So I could spend the...
  6. Susanta Lohar

    How is it even possible, {need help from Chartboost guy}

    This account on flippa " tutbarao " has 100% positive feedback, and 79 transactions totalling $89,701 What amaze you is his most of the app are shitty kid game yet earning huge with chartboost. How is this possible? here's his one app listing
  7. Yasser Addadi

    My journey With Google Play Since 2015

    I made this post for all the reskinners to share their Informations, results and solutions with the new onces in this field, and starting with me I'll share all my knowledge and also my results with the aim of assisting the other new members. Feel free to ask, and I wish that we could talk more...
  8. Shadow Mike

    Impersonation app removed from google play market

    Hi, I released an app with source code bought from CodeCanyon. For this app in particular I just changed the package name and created the custom icon and banner, but I left everything else as it was originally (app assets, app name, etc.). I wonder if any of you have faced a similar issue and...
  9. Susanta Lohar

    |need help| on firebase push notification.

    I have inserted google-services.json file in my code. I want to send notification with image like this can anyone help me regarding this? @vinku will you bother to check the error?
  10. himdave999

    looking forward to hire android developer

    Hi there ! I am looking forward to hiring an Android developer with good experience who can develop push to talk application Pls PM me with all details and how much you will charge for me
  11. Param Singh

    How to Find a Suitable Mobile App Development Company Austin?

    Nowadays Mobile Apps are becoming a necessary requirement for any business, organization, and individuals. There is a huge mobile app industry growing around you. How can I select best mobile app development company in Austin to develop my business app?
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