amp issue

  1. H

    AMP: Subdomain vs. Folder vs. Parameter

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any best practice for the URL structure of AMP pages? If you use a subdomain or a folder in the upper level, you can have a better possibility for analysing on Sistrix and Google Analytics. But I was wondering if there is a benefit for Google, if you put...
  2. cmghostbuster

    AMP Failed

    Hi, First of all Happy New Year! Second i need a little help here please. I didn't know where to post this thread to ask for help so i did it here..where i think i could get good answers. I have installed the AMP plugin for faster page speed and according to google better rankings ...but i get...
  3. F

    [Help please] How to set adsense ads only for NON AMP pages?

    Hello, For some reason search console after months have trigered errors on my site due to ads. I finally fixed the issue and for my amp version of the site the ada are displaying the way they should. For that I am using ads for wp. But I am facing with issues how to serve ads for the rest of my...
  4. F

    Did anyone else experience LESS AMP traffic?

    In last week or so AMP version of my pages conpletely disappeared from my google analytics. Which is quite wierd, since almost a month ago accelerated mobile pages version of my pages were out performing my regular pages in google analytics. So it is only me? Or anyone else is on the same boat...
  5. fxkool

    Is there anyone using an AMP on WP site please?

    Hi there, GSC has detected the following errors: “Invalid value for attribute in CSS ‘href’ in tag ‘link rel=stylesheet for fonts” and “Custom JavaScript is not allowed”. I have another 5 pages flagged as well. I began receiving these after a WP developer installed AMP plugin on my website. I...
  6. akr007

    Fix AMP Issue

    Hey guys, I need someone who can fix the amp issues with my blog. I was working properly previously, but now I think it is happening due to plug in conflict issue. Can you fix this issue? How do you charge for this kinda service? Looking forward to your reply. Best regards