amazon web services

  1. mon3y4me


    What exactly is an AWS account? Amazon Web Service is infrastructure as a service. It's DIY computing, which you can use for pretty much anything you use computers for. It’s a cloud computing platform that comprises more than 100 services. How can I use AWS to make money online? There are many...
  2. sohom

    [FREE] How to get Unlimited personal IP Addresses using AWS (step by step guide)

    [Tutorial] How to get Unlimited personal IP Addresses using Amazon Web Services (step by step guide) In this method we are going to use virtual cloud services, such as: AWS,DigitalOcean,Scaleway, typically they are providing VPS. We are going to install "OpenVPN Access Server" image on our VPS...
  3. P

    VPS display problems in Ubuntu / Linux

    Hello there, I currently have a VPS that I can access normally from a Windows OS, but when I switch to my Ubuntu session and try to access it (via Remmina Remote Desktop Application), I have a big display / resolution problem : the server window appears zoomed in / way too big but I can't...