amazon prime

  1. HIccup

    VCC for Amazon Prime - Need Help

    I want to use the Amazon Prime 30-day trial. I want to know something. 1. Can I use a virtual card for that? 2. Is the card need to have money in it? 3. Is there any way to get a free international virtual card easily which I can get by just signing up or something like that? I searched for it...
  2. I

    Hey looking to buy Amazon Student prime Accounts

    Hey i'm interested in purchasing Amazon student prime accounts. They don't need to be be brand new but must have at least a month on the free trial.
  3. Angelina744

    Any Solution for Amazon Prime?

    Hi guys! I have signed up for Amazon Prime, then tried Prime for 30 days. But after that it says, account locked. What seems to be the problem? Can anyone help me?
  4. S


    Hello I bought with my Amazon Gift Card Balance a Prime Gift of 1 year for a friend. Got an email from Amazon and there is Applied to: My email address Is this normal? Who got the prime membership now? He or me? I put his email when I bought the gift
  5. H

    Loking for reviews for our products

    I am looking for Some Amazon Prime members in india to review my product, I will pay the product price + commission for review. Anyone if interested, Please Send me your mail id or inbox me. Thanks.
  6. Asif A Khan LONDON

    Amazon must clarify 'misleading' delivery claim

    In the UK Amazon Prime is fucked, they either don't have enough delivery drivers or the delivery companies just don't give a fuck. I cancelled my prime a couple of years ago because I was never receiving any thing with next day delivery, stuff was arriving faster by post, you know things are...
  7. KraftyKyle

    ☄ Prime Day TODAY - What Did You Buy?

    Prime Day is upon us. Curious, what did you buy? Don't want to miss out on any good deals. Yea I know it technically starts at 3pm, but they have early access deals that have already started. Feel free to post the link, but no affiliate links please.
  8. FowAllBizz

    How I cancel Amazon Prime membership?

    My Amazon is now locked I can't log in now any more but Prime membership fee is charging every month .How can I cancel my prime membership without log in account?
  9. IG Professor

    [Tutorial] Get 6 Month Amazon Prime 4 FREE (Worth 50$)

    Dear BHW members, A lot of people are asking me how to get Amazon prime membership for free, So today I decided to create a Short and simple tutorial how to. What you need? 1. Browser 2. Brain 3. Edu Student email 4. Tutorial on how to get Edu email --- How To? 1. Click this link 2. Now click...
  10. megaMind007

    Looking for Verified Amazon Reviews US only.

    I need 10 more verified Amazon reviews from real US Amazon account. Plz PM me who want to test my product with his/her prime amazon account. 01.Product need to be purchased by your credit card. 02. Account should have Prime that's cover the shipping charge. 03.I will send the product fee + $3...
  11. R

    Dropshipping using Amazon Prime vs Regular

    So I'm currently dropshipping, still relatively new and I'm looking to switch to Amazon but have a few questions. 1) Can creating separate amazon prime trial accounts and it getting banned adversely effect your main personal one? For instance, I plan to use Amazon FBA to sell eventually and...
  12. J

    $10 per Amazon Prime Review or $5 for non-prime review

    US Home IP's Only - No Proxies, VPN, VPS, ETC Must have an aged account of at least 1 year with 3 or more reviews. No writing required - just copy and paste Here is how it works: 1.) I will give you money to purchase the product in advance. 2.) You copy and paste the review 3.) I will pay...
  13. 1

    Amazon Prime connection in Singapore

    I know Amazon does not provide Prime service to Singapore but is it possible to access Amazon Prime music/movies through a proxy and maintain a subscription?