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    It is an indisputable fact that Amazon kindle is one of the most powerfully scalable passive income business model that exist online. For those who understand the above, I am offering a service that would let you start, build and grow an amazon kindle business in the low content books niche. A...
  2. R

    How to rank Amazon Kindle book on keyword?

    Hello everyone, I was hoping for your guys to suggest me some ways and method by which I could rank books/ebooks on Amazon Kindle store? But it should be free of cost, I'd be available 24/7 for the effort and everything but I can't afford investing anything to rank it. So what methods would...
  3. blackhatkdp

    Looking for someone who can format Kindle Books | Design Covers | and do some research and Publish books for us

    Looking for someone who can format Kindle Books | Design Covers | and do some research and Publish books for us Skills required: Graphic Design in Photoshop Word Processing Wiling to learn a few softwares ebook publishing (prior experienced freelancers will be given preference) Amazon Seo...
  4. A

    Amazon Kindle Non Fiction Books Keyword Research

    Hi, I'd like to have a list of profitable Kindle Keywords for Non fiction books, the metrics i'm watching at is: BSR: Lower than 50k for at least 5-10 books in the eBook department, Lower than 100000 for at least 5-10 books in the Paperback store, less than 150 results on Audible, reviews of...
  5. mayadd

    My Journey In Selling Kinde Books (E-Books) From Scratch

    Hello my friends! This is my first 100% trial in making an online business by writing ebooks and selling them on Amazon Kindle store. The subject of these books will be based on people's interests, trends and most searched keywords with the lowest competition. I have never done such thing...
  6. abdeerrahim


    Hello Genius People please i would like to ask if there is someone know about this Programe '' A10 ALGORITHM TIMER'' this programe is created to help Amazon SELLERS rank there product and also this programe know how the Algorithm of A10 amazon robot works...please if someone her can give me some...
  7. Dalene Morovic

    Any Amazon Kindle Self-Publishers Here?

    Hi guys! Straight to the point, I've found a semi-automatic way to create 10-20 nonfiction ebooks a day (including covers). These are NOT like any other low-quality spammy ones that most of us are familiar with. But in fact, they are 100% unique&original in content (not spinned etc.), they...
  8. deepak raaju

    Ebook creator need for amazon

    As title says i need an amazon kindle ebook creator with any topic of pages containing 500-600 it should not be copied one
  9. Roger Marquez

    Amazon KDP Help

    Can anyone give me any feedback on Amazon KDP? What have been your experience with it? What are amazon fees and commission? Looking to write an ebook for some time now and i would like to know more on the topic.
  10. Mr.Chicken

    Need Kindle downloads and reviews

    Is anyone here who can provide Kindle downloads and reviews?
  11. J

    NEED HELP with Kindle eBook!

    Hello everyone, I’m Johnny and I’ve been trying to sell my Kindle eBook on Amazon without any concrete result. I have no sales, the free promotion only brought me 50 downloads. Obviously, I didn’t really know how to advertise it.. Details: It’s a self-help book. A practical guide to goal...
  12. S

    Get Kindle Books Up To 70% OFF With This Neat Little Trick!

    If you're buying a lot of books from Amazon, this could save you a lotta holla. I've first realized this when some of my books started selling on the Indian and Japanese markets- they would get my book for half the price and I would just be like, seriously? What is going on? Than it hit me-...
  13. Blakester

    Amazon Kindle Stories - We'll Write Them For You & Give You All Commercial Rights (Creative Writing)

    * REVIEWS * After our success & awesome reviews on our selling thread, we're now here to introduce our Story Writing Service (For Amazon Kindle Or Anything Else) Order Your Story Here! Use Coupon: Leave a Reply below to get your coupon. ~ Coupons Will Add An...
  14. HelenaS

    Creating ebook on Linux Ubuntu?

    How to create ebook for Amazon Kindle self-publishing on Linux operating system?
  15. bornthisway

    [WTB/H] Looking for ONLY USA Amazon Book Review Swaps (1$/Verified)

    I am looking for Amazon (Kindle to be specific) Book Swaps/Honest reviews. Will swap if you have any product or Book there. OR Willing to pay 1$/purchase+verified (Will send you book cost too). I am only looking for USA Good standing Accounts. Europe from Tier 1 countries is fine too. I will...
  16. Master Duster

    [Journey] Making Kindle Empire : First effort for Big bucks

    Hey fellows, I am new to this forum but I have been into internet marketing for many years and during all these years, I literally tried everything and jumped on to every shiny object I could see. I got into CPA, Google Adsense, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify and you just name it. But three years...
  17. deathass01

    Kindle Still Viable?

    Hey All! I've been browsing around and there was a post on how you could make loads of money by publishing books on kindle? I was wondering if it's still the same thing, and now I have seen that you can publish kids books using their own creator tool? Anyone had any luck with this?
  18. A

    software for kinlde format

    Hi, please i need a very good software that i can use to convert my word file to kindle format without loosing the images in the word file. I have calibre but it removes and spoils the images after conversion. Please suggest me names of best software to convert for kindle perfectly
  19. Darren9682

    Amazon Kindle Publishing - Passive Income Plan (My Course for Free)

    Giving away a few hundred FREE spots on my personal Amazon Kindle Course. To most of you guys it's nothing groundbreaking but it's ideal for newbies to learn about publishing. It's short and direct. Enjoy!
  20. GringoMonkey

    Amazon Kindle Publishing JV

    For those of you who know me I have had quite a bit of success publishing on Kindle. I have now reached my capacity for publishing and the only way I can scale further is to either JV or hire a management team and more people. My preference is for a JV, else I will end up having to manage...