1. seoxz

    Need amazon account US market

    Need an amazon account with reviews and good health.
  2. jani

    What is 3 qualifying sales in amazon

    Dear Mates, I have 4 sales on amazon account but still unable to get the API what actually is qualified sales. all the items have shipped as they are 10 days old orders. ***my site is related to mobiles and the sales happen on other...
  3. GoogleDude

    WTB Amazon Gift Cards

    Hi i need amazon Germany , France and Italy gift cards let me if you can provide me
  4. MickeyMini

    HIRING Virtual Assistant For Amazon Data Entry

    Looking VA for a simple data entry job to be done asap on amazon mturk portal. This is only for US citizens. Please PM me with your skype id.
  5. vibedz

    Amazon API v5 Issue Need a Help

    Hi guys I tried to use API with Wzine plugin but I receive this error code hel^me to fix this please : Amazon API v5: http status code = 401 http msg = [401] Client error: `POST http s.webservices9amazon8com1paapi5/searchitems` resulted in a `401 Unauthorized` response...
  6. Lordof$

    China to EU transport problem

    Hello guys, do you guys have problems with importing goods from China right now? I use DHL and the goods was send 14 days agoo, but no update on tracking tool till now... Do you have same problem with UPS, TNT or FEDEX?
  7. SimonBC

    dumb Amazon affiliate question

    hi all, sorry if this is a dumb question. I have googled it but can't seem to find an answer. Basically what I want to know is how long on average it takes for Amazon to show an affiliate order on Amazon.Com reporting. I am just looking for finding out if an order has been placed that day...
  8. Andrew696

    Looking for Amazon scraper expert

    Hello, I have a custom PHP based solution for scraping Amazon (EU locales). Im looking for a developer with proper knowledge and experience with Amazon: The software works with backconnect proxies and can handle /sync up to 500.000 ASINs daily but sometime it need some optimizations and...
  9. H

    eBay Dropshipping From Amazon , Bestbuy or Walmart.

    Hi everyone, I am new to this world. I am thinking to do dropshipping on eBay from Amazon, or Best Buy or Walmart. Is it possible? I don't have any prior experience with this. Does this method still work in 2020? If yes then how could I go without any ban? I read some posts about stealth...
  10. dakudaddy


    Hey Community I am going to start my first niche basis Amazon Affiliate Website any suggestion for me. Like - Plugins, theme, etc for a successful amazon affiliate website. Please suggest me some good threads also for it. I will post the weekly status of my website here :) Wish me Good Luck...
  11. dotunajao2018

    Who can create Amazon affliate blog for me

    I need an amazon affiliate blog and my price is $10 max. I will provide domain and hosting. The seller will work in bad area in the house. The seller work on blog seo
  12. J

    Help (Re)Finding an App/Software

    I remember seeing an arbitrage app or software or SAAS a while back that was supposed to be able to scrape Walmart-com and other online stores for a specific niche and compare the prices with those already on Amazon. It would also do an analysis as to whether or not the specific items would be...
  13. Pro-Hustler

    How do i redirect ample traffic to a Blogger?

    So, I've started out using a free subdomain (Blogger) as a test. What activities apart from kw research would intensify the traffic. Also, is it feasible to develop an affiliate out of this? Current Action Plans: KW Research using kw finder Write content myself A little bit of Quora juice Feel...
  14. elfrost

    Looking for help to get my AP API (amazon) approved

    Hello guys, I used Amazon API long time ago. Now it has been disabled and I want to re open my store. Now I need 3 sales+ before to get a manual review by the Amazon specialist. I'm wondering if it can be possible to "cheat" a bit by asking you guys if you would be willing to buy something on...
  15. E

    Want to Hire Amazon Selling Expert!

    I am looking to hire a freelancer to help grow a beauty store on Amazon. Services: - Advertising optimization - Optimize existing products for conversion and Amazon recommendation engine
  16. C

    Amazon affiliate program

    Any information about amazon affiliate program !
  17. 583778856

    amazon servicer liar

    it is pretty sadly to say and i found one liar who make me lost 150$,this ID live:jakepaul888 ;Name Jake in; he told me offer many amazon services,and i try to buy ams (amazon marketing service) ; regards
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