1. shaerif

    Frustrated with Flippa! Safe Marketplaces for Low-Budget Digital Assets (Domains, Startups, Apps)

    Seeking Secure Alternatives: Buying & Selling Domains, Startups & Apps (Budget-Friendly) I'm hoping to tap into the collective wisdom of this community. I'm on the lookout for safe and reliable marketplaces to buy and sell various digital assets, with a focus on low-budget projects or startup...
  2. techbeastzz

    Can someone please give me alternatives of starclicks

    So i am using star clicks from long time, and it does give money by referring people, but i need new website like this where can I make more money. I have traffic source and everything, but now it fees boring depending on only one website, so suggest me some more websites.
  3. V

    Not happy :( - Missing sales with Wecantrack - Alternatives?

    WARNING: Do not use Wecantrack! I have been using Wecantrack tool for almost one year, now I noticed big issues with tracking issues. I have missed over 500 USD in sales in just the last 60 days.. Support is quick to respond, but will not reimburse, nor will they accept it's their fault. The...
  4. D

    Want to try out WooCommerce or some maybe new good alternative to Shopify

    I am thinking about setting up a grey area product store , the product is allowed, but dont want to risk being blocked by Shopify. Any advice for where I could setup the fastest WooCommerce store - themewise and hosting wise? Maybe there are some new alternatives on the market to Shopify...
  5. E

    Alternatives To (to pay fb ads)

    Hey all! I'm looking for alternatives to for virtual credit cards to use for Facebook ads payments. Privacy's system would be ideal. I do have access to it. I'm communicating with support on a few things, but they've been unresponsive for almost a week now via email, and Twitter just...
  6. A

    What are the alternatives to Flippa?

    What are the alternatives to Flippa? to sell your websites and domain names
  7. S

    Autofill Magic Alternatives

    Hey Guys, ive had my eye on Autofill Magic but it seems that the tool is no longer working. Is there any alternative that does the same thing for a similar price? Thanks in advance
  8. D

    Ad-sense alternatives

    Hi there. I recently made a site which is based around twerking videos taken from YouTube and it started gaining lots of views using various tricks. I tried to monetize via Ad-sense but they said the content was sexual and did not comply with their terms. So, I was wondering if there was any...
  9. F

    Denied by OGAds. What's some good alternatives?

    I saw some posts about OGAds on here and another forum and decided to apply today. I was denied within a few hours. No clue as to why but they provided an email address to email to try to appeal their decision. While I await a response from them, what are some similar companies/alternatives I...
  10. Danny Crypto

    Alternatives to Massplanner and instagress ?

    Suggest me some alternatives to massplanner and instagress
  11. H

    Instagress alternatives

    So everybody already know that many platforms has been hit by IG recently and got shut down. Here are some list of alternatives that I know that is still up and running. Feel free and comment if you have any other suggestion. I will add them in as long as they are legit. List of those that are...
  12. CohleRust

    Instagress alternatives on Web (Not PC)

    Can anyone help me find them? Everyone on BHW talks about the ones that work on the PC. They are not really instagress alternatives, so if anyone knows a good alternative please post below.
  13. dreadpixel

    100+ Free and Web Alternatives to Popular Desktop Softwares

    Here I found a very useful list of free alternatives to very useful and popular Desktop Software. 1. Word Processing Google Docs: Free online office suite that offers document processing, spreadsheets, even work collaboration. Acrobat: Create PDF files, convert files, and make forms...
  14. patomica

    Other Sites like Yahoo Contributor, Matador Network

    I'm currently looking for sites like yahoo contributor, squidoo or hubpages. Is there anyway i can do it on scrapebox like footprints so i don't have to look for ages and manually. Any help is appreciated.
  15. B

    Adsense Account Disabled, Best Way to Appeal?

    Not sure where to post this, but I got an email that my Google Adsense Account was disabled. It doesn't say why I was booted out, so I can only guess why this happened. I believe the reason is because I placed an ad on a friend's new sports site and he was posting pictures of girls in...
  16. T

    Moneybookers vs Paypal?

    As many of you are familiar with secondeye's paypal verification service, I need some help on a decision. Many people use paypal and I would like to have a verified account. I plan on putting my plan to make money soon, but I need to know the accepted methods of payment. I do not and cannot get...
  17. kojakfull

    [UPDATED] SocialExchange Website List!

    Here's an updated list of socialexchange sites that you can use on your social media campaign Please add more if you have anything to add.
  18. kojakfull

    Addmefast and Youlikehits alternative sites list

    I see a lot of threads asking for youlikehits or addmefast alternatives so I decided to create an list.
  19. G

    Faster Alternative to scrapebox link checker?

    I am looking for faster alternative to scrapebox link checker. Currently I am having three issues with the link checker. - Lots of misses. - lots of time out - takes too much time. Due to these three anomalies, its affecting the delivery time of my backlinking orders. So, if anyone know a...
  20. Neo240

    [Payment Processor] Alternatives to paypal[Help Appreciated]

    Hi guys My problem is such: I dont have a PAN card,so cant open a paypal. After reading the forum i also dont want it. Unfortunately many users still use paypal so i m stuck. What i have :- A moneybookers account and alertpay account with my bank account. What i want:- To be able to...
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