1. dnzul

    IDEEA - Onlyfans like platform?

    Hello there, Recently, I got my hands on a custom-built saas platform similar to OnlyFans and I am seriously considering investing in its further development. However, given that there is already competition from well-established platforms like OnlyFans and Fansly, I am uncertain if it is worth...
  2. alex270 payment gateway doubts

    Hi I want to use on smm panel business. 1) Do they accept Indian registrations? If not, how are Indian panels using the payment option? 2) Are they accept SMM business model? I contacted their support team several times and provided all relevant information, but...
  3. H

    Free alternative that allows porn?

    I need a service that allows me to upload and share porn videos (similar to Imgur, but for longer videos). I used and they kicked me out. Seems many of these "normal" upload&share -services don't allow adult content. Can you recommend something?
  4. laur.laurix

    Expired Article Hunter alternatives or similar softwares

    For those who don't know what Expired Article Hunter was.......EAH was the shiiiiiit. You could import 99999 expired domains and scrape their articles from in text or html format with one touch of a button. It also had plagiarism checker and other cool stuff. Even if the dev...
  5. JohnKowalski

    Whoogle search results, but without any ads

    This is awesome. This is how google search engine was 15-20 years ago :) Get Google search results, but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking. Easily deployable in one click as a Docker app, and customizable with a single config file. Quick and simple to...
  6. Dmyles

    Alternative to AdSense?

    Guys, is there any alternative reliable program for AdSense? Name it please.
  7. C

    What type of work is the most immediate and consistent?

    I've been writing articles for years, but it seems the gig economy is being overwhelmed by the Third World supply. I can no longer find any work, not even like $10 per day. And I used to make $800 per month. Anyway, I'm switching to coding in C++, but it will take at least 4 months before I...
  8. jogoldirus

    Search streaming host platform

    Hello , I managed my streaming website with Openload & Streamango but they'r down . I made somes research and i found two alternative : Did you have/know greatter/better than them ? Thanks you !
  9. L

    [ASK] Admob alternative for adult apps

  10. lostpro7

    FX Funnel.... Is anyone using this?

    Hi, im new here and im now trying to be serious about making money online. I purchased FX Funnel from JV Zoo as I know that I needed a web page creator. As with these products, the technology is sub par but its what ive got. Its a funnel creator and the training to use it is minimal. I got it...
  11. KJREDDY247@

    Best Cloud Storage Options...

    Can you guys suggest me the best cloud storage options I am looking for around 1tb minimum capacity options. Anyone ever used idrive and cheaper alternatives for this?
  12. D

    CPA Experts: if you could earn $5000 how would you promote this offer

    Offer falls into the ewallet, money transfer and cryptocurrency (bitcoin) niche. Sign up is free .You get paid multilevel commissions for every sign up through your link that pays a onetime fee of $1 btc to join the marketing team and earn passive and residual commissions Now I got to find out...
  13. KJREDDY247@

    ANYONE USED THIS "Store Exporter Deluxe for WooCommerce"

  14. H

    Alternatives to click bank.

    Hello, I can not accept payments from click bank so was looking for alternative websites so that I can accept payments through PayPal or similar. Thanks so much.
  15. wize

    Good read on duck duck go..

    I use duck duck go as my default search engine. I also use google, because everything and everyone is on google, talk about a monopoly. I have copied this from an article I read that was posted on twitter. These are some of the points that resonate with me. 1 — Google tracks you. We don’t. 7...
  16. ContentWriter

    Is a More Expensive Copyscape Worth Every Penny?

    Okay, so I received this email from Copyscape: I have been using Copyscape for the longest time. Though I understand their explanation in sustainability, I think pumping it to 300% just like that would really hurt my pocket. Do you think it's okay to pay "Only 3c...
  17. D

    Adsense alternatives

    Looking for the best cpa networks to work with, without the disgusting adsense ToS.
  18. OSolution

    Instadub Review

    I was looking for a review for this program and searching brought up nothing. So, when I purchased Instadub, I felt it would help out future buyers, by me posting this as I was looking at other programs and just starting out in the social media world myself. Looking at other programs, there...
  19. tunnypop

    Marketers please help us to outsource your products more

    I am pleading to all marketers in the house to please provide alternative methods to buy their products. Some of us want to outsource more products here but are let down by the fact that Paypal is the only payment gateways most of you uses. Paypal is not available for all, especially some of us...
  20. M

    Next Scripts: Social Networks Auto Poster alternative?

    Hi there, I use Social Networks Auto Poster on my WP sites for a long time for auto repost old posts to FB, G+, Twitrer, etc. to build social signals. But this plugin is broken for a while and developers do not seem to release any fixes or upgrade v.4 soon. Does anybody know some good and...
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