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CPA Experts: if you could earn $5000 how would you promote this offer

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Dsavvymarketer, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Dsavvymarketer

    Dsavvymarketer BANNED BANNED

    Jun 15, 2019
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    Offer falls into the ewallet, money transfer and cryptocurrency (bitcoin) niche. Sign up is free .You get paid multilevel commissions for every sign up through your link that pays a onetime fee of $1 btc to join the marketing team and earn passive and residual commissions

    Now I got to find out about this program from a Chinese bitcoin exchanger. A friend in e-commerce business needed to send payment to a Chinese merchant for his goods, before now he had been using bank wire and since I am crypto savvy I advised him he could send cheaper and faster via bitcoin transaction, I asked around in the crypto circle and this exchanger came highly recommended, I contacted him and he gave me a link to the sign up, fund the amount we needed to send and transfer to him via the wallet. Payment to merchants bank account went smooth and in less than 24 hrs. I eventually found out exchangers are using this as a mixer to send anonymous bitcoin transactions.

    I have used this wallet for a while now and there are some value to be derived from it that is worth $1,

    1. free wallet to wallet transfer.
    2. faster and cheaper international money transfer because it is bitcoin funded.
    3. no limit for transfers and amount recieved
    4. can serve as a coin mixer ( for anonymous transactions)
    5. Crypto exchangers can retail bitcoin at a higher rate on the platform
    6. Email list builder. ( you get email addresses of all the users you refer and can upsell them other offers if you want.)

    I have promoted this and had some earnings. But I would like to have suggestion on how this could be automated using blackhat IM.

    The target audience is broad. Money transfer is what everyone online does and making passive income online is something everyone would like so I think this can be a goldmine with the right strategy.

    Earning proof: https://ibb.co/rxQdMPw