algo change

  1. aurarank

    QofDay: Do you actually know what an algorithm is?

    Serious question here - will make everyone think hard about it. And what is the answer in the end - humanity is better off, or worse off because of "The Algo"? And at what point does it get out of control...a.k.a. A.I. based craziness. Google claims to update all the time. But are they even...
  2. jacker818

    Latest Google Algo Update?

    Has anyone been affected by G's latest algo update? If so, what type of sites were they?
  3. Z

    Best powerlikes service????

    I am looking to buy a powerlikes service. Please hmu if you have any good powerlikes services or if you have your own service.
  4. SportsMichael

    IG algo change?!

    Hi Guys, I manually started the Follow/Unfollow stategy and tried to follow 50 people/hour, but Instagram never let me do it. Here is an example: It is 2pm and I didn't follow any accounts that day. I already follow 200 people in total. I post a picture and start following around 40 people from...