1. P

    Clean domains from blacklists (howto)

    Hi there. My domains (100++) going to black lists, some domains have red alert , when i'll try to check my domain via chrome. How can i clean my domains easy and fast ? May be not so fast. Plz help
  2. BlackHoleWorm

    Be Aware From G.Ads Threshold Accounts Seller

    We recently notice that Google make it difficult to create and run G.Ads threshold accounts and you can face all kind of suspension (Unpaid Balance, suspicious payment activity, Circumventing and violation activity, Linking PayPal Problem, ....etc ), and yet there is some people who could bypass...
  3. BlackHoleWorm

    Anyone got scammed by @360MOB?

    Like what i mention on the title, is there anyone got scammed by 360MOB, the owner of stealth360 dot net. Since Google's last update (Unpaid Balance), he is not responding on Telegram neither on Skype, i paid him for multiple accounts almost 2 months ago but i didn't receive anything. Anyone...
  4. N

    Page at risk to be Unpublished

    A warning notification was sent to my personal page (i am an author in Italy with 1.5 followers) for “violating Facebook’s Community Standards”. I appealed the removed post and it was then restored after being reviewed by the Facebook Team and found to be harmless. However, the red label...
  5. Rasi Wilsy

    How to track & save your own wordpress site for onpage seo changes

    I am basically looking for something for saving my headers, snippets etc after onpage seo is done. I have multiple seos working on 1 site and recently one seo changed metadescriptionswithout asking leading to drop in traffic. Can anyone help ?
  6. imonboss

    Link Building Scamming?? How to Detect?? and How to Protect!

    So again, it all started when I ordered a service here on bhw! I am not gonna call his name, because I did not see any positive or negative impact on my site. He has sort of spun the same content little here and there and most cases he kept some original and some spun. So basically, in the...
  7. Gogol

    Today I Found Out, Paypal IS A SUCKER!

    So, I have been saying good things about Paypal for a long time. I made this thread to warn you guys about a sneaky scam that paypal has started (and this makes me very sad). So, this is regarding a refund. I mistakenly bought premium account instead of Jr. VIP from BHW a few days ago. The staff...
  8. AngoraSpace

    Free Tools About Brand Mention And Backlink

    Give me suggestion about free tools for notify (via email) about brand mention and backlink (new or lost backlink). I use Google alert, but the notification isn't accurate. What about you?
  9. nabillolz

    Can google penalise for exist confirm alert

    hello, i want to add a script that show some alert for visitors when they try to close the page, can google penalise my website for this script? thanks.
  10. A

    Does Anyone Use ink361?

    Hey everyone, I recently signed up for an ink361 account to help manage my instagram. One of the features called "Alerts" is supposed to send me an email notification when one of my favorite users posts a photo however it doesn't seem to be doing this at all. Anybody experienced the same...
  11. E

    Looking for a tweet alert service.

    Hi, I need to get e-mail (and if sms available also) notified realtime when a single user (choosen by me) tweets. Any service or website that do that? Thank you
  12. SmartMan

    Breaking News 12/7/12 : 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake in Japan sparks Tsunami Alert!

    A tsunami alert has been issued for Japan's northeast coast after a strong earthquake shook buildings as far away as Tokyo. The tremor struck in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 23 miles, and the epicentre was 285 miles from the capital. The earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.3, the...
  13. X

    Autoblogging issue

    Hi, I have created a blog on and I am using "google alerts" email to publish on this blog automatically. As soon as I recieve an alert about the 'keywords' it automatically publish that on my blog. Now the problem is the email also contains a link to 'remove this alert' which is...
  14. N

    Depositfiles ... 10 Days And No Pay

    Last time i requested $14.35 and they took about 8 days to pay that. Then I requested $45.00 and that was 10 days ago and I have not heard anything from them. I wrote to them at least 6x asking for my money. It says on their website that anything over $40 is paid automatically but if you don't...
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