1. underscore_

    Spotify album takedown - how to reupload?

    Hi there, my album got taken down from Spotify after using a panel from this forum. It was just a small order (test balance, hence just a few k plays) and the only panel I used in that year. I know that's the game with panels, but since it is a real artist in this case and not just a money...
  2. Dakstar

    [Request] Help To Promote Fundraiser Album

    Hi there! My friend is working in forestry and has collaborated with some individuals to create an EP in an effort to start a fundraiser album to raise awareness for fire dependent ecosystems. I would love to help them in their endeavor while simultaneously gaining experience in promoting other...
  3. nuxli


    Hello, I am wondering what it takes to get to discover page or on charts on soundcloud. I have searched the internet and found no useful knowledge, then I thoug((ht that maybe a member from BHW might know something. Why I am asking this is, I have released an album a few days ago on bandcamp...
  4. fatboy

    Facebook Gallery Scraper

    Ok - bit of an odd one that I thought I would throw out here to see if the bot I am making is worth splitting and selling one part on its own. I have made something that will scrape Facebook albums and download to a folder of your choice - you just give it a link to an album, where you want it...
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