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  1. B

    How to use an AI system that generates traffic to your website

    I have a business that relies on Google ads for traffic, until now, I managed to sustain a specific budget monthly to dedicate for google ads and I managed to come out with a sustainable campaign structure, so basically from now ON, it'll be just a copy paste so it won't atke much of my time...
  2. Raygh

    [FREE REVIEW COPY - 1000 ARTICLES ] - ️ | Experience a New Horizon of Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation - Probably the Best

    To approve our offer for the Marketplace you have the possibility to gain our Top Level Service Package (1000 HIGH QUALITY AI ARTICLES) --> FOR FREE The Normal Price for this would be 4,290$ even on Blackhat. The Package will be given only one time and we pick the member. Tester Requirements...
  3. ww3 Lifetime Deal | $299 - 1500 AI Generated SEO Optimized Articles Per Month | $0.01/article | For Lifetime Lifetime Deals (LTD) Limited Time Offer $299 - For First 10 Buyers $399 - For The Rest Features Process: Send me DM or Contact me on telegram (@trollyhelp) Main Selling Thread Click Here information regarding tool, Normally content generated on Trolly bypasses AI...
  4. Deadlight

    ✅ Spoon-fed Guide ✅ The SEO Content Kit 1.0 ⚡ Get Faster Rankings Using GPT-4, Reddit, Quora, PAA & Related Searches!

    The SEO Content Kit 1.0 ⚡ Get Faster Rankings Using GPT-4, Reddit, Quora, PAA & Related Searches! If your AI content isn't indexing or ranking high, it most likely never will (If you don't do this)... To be completely honest most AI content writing tools are not that great Not because the...
  5. GringoMonkey

    Ai to summarise web pages / articles?

    Does anyone know of any ai that is great at summarising complex web pages / articles?
  6. onlineseller20

    ❤️ Unleash the power of Notion: ❤️ Forever Free Plus & ❤️ 20K AI Usage Quota Package ❤️

    We're excited to introduce our New Notion Package: Feel free to contact us at discord hqaccc#4408 / telegram @hqaccc Package Link
  7. M

    AIPRM several thousand prompt available Blog | Copywriting | SEO...

    I'd like to introduce you to a tool that I use on a daily basis: AIPRM.:) What is AIPRM? AIPRM, developed by ChatGPT, is an extension that can help you optimise your SEO. This extension offers very interesting and relevant prompts for content searches. In other words, you have at your disposal...
  8. ww3


    TROLLY - Beta Launch Features that will be added in coming days! Detailed Price Structure Offering Lifetime Package (very very limited slots) Promotional Opportunities, (1) Use coupon "20offbhw" to get 20% on monthly/yearly packages (coupon will be removed soon!) (2) 2/2 High...
  9. HatSwitcher

    Get an Affordable Topical Authority Website → WordPress Silo Structure and Design + AI Writer + Topic research + Long-tail Keywords

    Now You Can Escalate Your Website as a Topical Authority with a Remarkable Compound of WordPress Silo Structure, AI Writing, and Long-Tail Keywords! May Be The Precious Advantage You Were Waiting For A Long Time And The Chance To Beat Your Competitors - Now You Can Get The Bargain On The...
  10. sendlerad

    ✔️Yet Another AI Autoblogging Journey Thread...(Amazon+PAA)⚛️

    Hello, The main goal for this Journey thread for me personally would be to improve my writing & BH SEO skills. English is not my native language, and in the process of keeping track of my progress in this Journey, I can archive both of those goals. Lately, I believe I am better at creating SaaS...
  11. ARGOAIArticle_banner1.1.png


    ARGO AI Article Creator - Generate Human Like Content in Masses
  12. afyie

    Boost Your Article Writing Game with This Chat GPT Prompt

    What's up, BHW community! I recently stumbled upon an awesome chat GPT prompt that's been a total lifesaver for me when it comes to writing articles somehow i discovered its source . And I just had to share it with you guys, in case anyone else could use a little help in the inspiration...
  13. itz_styx

    ✅⚡ ARGO AI Article Creator ⚡Generate Hundreds of Articles in Minutes With Advanced Prompt Templates for Human-Like Content

    ARGO AI ARTICLE CREATOR Generate 100 Articles in under 2 minutes ! Create articles in bulk lightning fast with up to 100 threads, or work on single articles through an interface similar to the OpenAI playground. You might think, "Okay, yet another AI article creator based on OpenAI," however...
  14. sendlerad

    [BETA TEST/REVIEW COPY] ⚛️⚛️ ✔️OpenAI|ChatGPT: Wordpress SERPs/PAA & WooCommerce Amazon Autoblogging SaaS Platform.

    Hello, We offer 3 - 1 month access licenses, to - ⚛️⚛️ ✔️OpenAI|ChatGPT: Wordpress SERPs/PAA & WooCommerce Amazon Autoblogging SaaS Platform. Requirements: 1. Any member with at least 100+ posts, who can show that they have opened ALL required API access accounts listed on our...
  15. sendlerad

    ⚛️⚛️ ✔️OpenAI|ChatGPT: Wordpress SERPs/PAA & WooCommerce Amazon Autoblogging SaaS Platform. OpenAI PAA & Amazon WordPress Autoblogging SaaS Platform ChatGPT/OpenAI Artificial Intelligence Powered – WordPress ‘Google Snippets + PAA’ & WooCommerce ‘Amazon Affiliate’ Autoblogging – AIO Platform! WHAT TO EXPECT Core Features: $1490 Lifetime...
  16. onlinebusinessgr


    Website: Payment Methods: Credit Cards/PayPal Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of our products and services, we do have a no refund policy. This means that once a purchase has been made, it cannot be refunded or exchanged. GET YOUR BONUS: 1) Register in...
  17. jeffz

    Is this New On BTW?

    I don't know if anyone as realised. A lot of people are using AI to Generate post or comment here on BTW lately. (Especially newbies) My Questions; Why will you do that? Are you trying to bombard us to achieve your 100-post count? Does that gives you any sense of Authority? Do you think we...
  18. coolsheet

    OpenAI Chat is Insane!!!! Watch me map out a website in 2 minutes!

    Ok so Im not going to go to in depth with this because there's so much you can do with OpenAI Chat and it's pretty simple to begin with. You can get some really good ideas, been fooling around with it for about the last hour and really got some interesting topics (not screenshotted below as they...
  19. DMWD

    ⚡ Transform Your Content with Brain Pod AI: Unlimited SEO Articles, Images, Chat Bot Assistant, Automation – Grab Your Exclusive FREE Review Copy Now!

    Unleash the Power of Automation with Brain Pod AI - Watch the Demo Now! Discover the magic of bulk article creation, the convenience of having Violet wherever you are, and the simplicity of Brain Pod AI that makes it a must-have tool for content creators, marketers, and businesses! Don't miss...
  20. zigzagzig

    Bulk AI Content Generator V5 | 0.008 per 1000 words | 2500 words per Article | PAA Integration | Video | Featured Image | Auto WP Import

    Welcome! Bulk Content Generator V5 IS HERE! Cost of 1000 Lower-End Articles per 1000 words: $20,000 Cost of 1000 (solid quality) Articles from Bulk Content Generator V5: $26.25 Average Article Length: 3,327 words It's cheaper than the cheapest writer on Fiverr. :) FEATURES: - ChatGPT 3.5...
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