1. therocker2008

    How to Create a single page website using AI ?

    Hi , As the title suggests, I want to use AI to build a one-page website. I'm looking for advice from someone with experience who has used AI to develop websites. Kindly advice . Thank you
  2. L


    This Channel seems to grow very fast with his AI Art. Im trying to recreate the Artstyle but im not having any sucess so far. anyone here who can give me some advice, Tools, Prompts i should use to recreate the art?
  3. C

    Best sites and tools for blogging?

    Hello guys Can you suggest some good websites and tools for blogging, both free and paid?
  4. T

    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    Hey Guys, im new to this forum and i see lot of ambitious people sharing their journey and i thought to share mine as well.( this is the very beginning of my journey) i know $1000/month is not a big target, but i haven't done anything like this before so i am keeping small target. i have made a...
  5. J

    Ai powered keyboard?

    Does anyone know an ai powered keyboard that will generate replies for my messages (uncensored bcoz i sext too).
  6. H

    Im looking for AI NSFW photo/video generation pay per order

    Im looking for AI NSFW photo/video generation for my model, pay per order spicy content/porn content stable diffusion or other software high quality asap tg @postekfilip
  7. W

    AI Deep fake expert

    Hi y'all, I am looking for someone who can make a deep fake using AI. I need a person who has done it before and have a good experience in it
  8. Captaintj

    Best IT field to go into?

    I work in Germany, in a field far far away from IT. I have very minor coding experience but I am tired of my current job and wish to get an IT job. I need suggestions based on - 1. This IT field can be done remotely also if needed. 2. Has enough job offers in Germany 3. This IT skill can be...
  9. trulyzanky

    Guide To Write AI Articles That Ranks

    Hello everyone, I'm Zanky, and I wanted to share my experience regarding whether AI-written articles can rank or not. I've been working on ranking articles written by ChatGPT, and so far, I've had positive results. However, the success depends on how you optimize your content. Here's what I've...
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