1. F

    Africa Native ads networks ?

    hey there i am asking about the best native ads networks that's have a good volume and quality of traffic on Africa geo's (ZA , NG , KE , GH , ....) thanks
  2. A

    Nigeria how do you make card payments with this CBN international policies...

    I have been trying for months now I have tried revolut Nigeria is not allowed, I have tried payday no verification through bug e. T c pls your guidance is needed. I want to opt-in for cloudaway coupon which requires me to upgrade but I can't link my card pls help!
  3. N

    hello from morocco

    hello i want to introduce myself, my nam's Nabil im from morocco north africa
  4. Vikjohn

    I need a CPA network based on African offers

    Hi guys, I have a source of traffic from Africa, and I'm looking to promote CPA offers, but I noticed some CPA network doest have much, or maybe any offer for for African countries, please, I plan to use content locking Please suggest which network I can use. Thanks
  5. Coastline17

    Senegal Gov. Finalizing Agreement to Build a Crypto Powered City in Africa

    So the Senagal government just passed an initiative to construct the first crypto powered city in Africa, and assumedly the world. The city is called Akon and construction is set to begin in March. The “Akoin Cryptocurrency” is what will power the city. This coin is built by a rapper mind you...
  6. UuuU1245

    I wanna start Cpa + Ig help

    hey BHs, I have an Instagram account fortnite niche with 4+ followers and I want to know how can I put my ogads link in bio without getting banned and how to create a good converting landing page and how to set everything up. I would appreciate whoever guides me through this process I have a...
  7. Duke of Wellington

    Best Place to Find Foreign Cheap Labor?

    What's the best site or resource to find cheap 3rd world labor? Have to have an understanding of English but don't need to speak it, just see forms and know what to enter based on field and data we give them. Mturk won't work and have heard of Upwork/Fiverr but wondering if there any other...
  8. L

    Need an African site where I can deposit money and withdraw it using PayPal/Skrill etc.

    I have funds stored on an African site which I can only withdraw to an African Bank Account. Since opening an account is almost impossible as a non-resident without physically going there, I thought that I can transfer the funds to another African site that supports wire deposits. I thought of...
  9. ledaponey

    A whole LOT of web traffic coming from Africa

    Hi there family, let's say I have a money site that like 4 years ago it was doing it really good in the SERPs, it was top #1 for a lot of niche related keywords worldwide so it was performing really well. I was making 1.5k / 2k monthly just selling goods, the main organic web traffic at that...
  10. P

    1M followers monetization - Asia/Africa

    How would you calculate the potential of monetization for a Facebook page with 1M followers coming from Asia&Africa (if possible). Let's say 4% of people see the post where they are offered to buy something and 1% of those 4% actually buy something. Would you further divide that number with 10...
  11. Pietjr

    Help needed with African traffic

    Help needed with African traffic - specially Nigeria and Kenya. We have site online, budget ready and can start traffic activities immediately. Please PM for more details
  12. Pietjr

    Help needed with African traffic

    Hi there, help needed to acquire traffic from Africa (specially Nigeria to start with) Open to any suggestions and tips - Where to advertise - Effective ad networks - Someones help to get this started - Open to Black Hat methods Please PM and we will agree on terms
  13. StealthPay

    Looking for people in African countries

    Hello, We are looking for people in African countries who will put our posts on their online forums. We will pay $3 per post. Please post here or PM us your contact info so that we can contact you back.
  14. S

    new bie

    iam a new bie from africa
  15. T

    Affiliate programs

    whats the best affiliate program for someone willing to make money on facebook and currently living in Africa. am new to this making money online thing and am interested to join an affiliate program which is legit and pays a good amount. i need to hear from someone currently making good money...
  16. grizzlybear007

    "Oh, give me a home where the koalas do roam." Hi there, folks.

    Yes, I know, koalas aren't really bears, but we can be grizzly. Very grizzly. And we like nothing more than weeing and pooing on humans. I'm writing a couple of websites, from which I would like to make some cash. The first one is about ready to burst onto the scene, and is for lovers of the Mma...
  17. S

    Brainstorm: Africa!

    Hey! this is a online brainstorm session focused on Africa.. WTF? Africa, yes! Africa! i have been a lot in africa (Malawi, South Africa, Congo) and this day i woke up with the idea i have to do something with Africa and internet marketing. Why? Right now the internet in Africa is growing...
  18. ytterium

    Any Kenyans or Africans in BHW?

    Hi Fellas, I'm from Kenya and recently came across a JV that went wrong and the scammer was from Kenya. This raised my curiosity as to how many Kenyans are here in BHW or even Africans. Let's get to know each other my peeps :p Cheers, ytterium
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