1. nino59

    Can I sell my software plan in JVzoo, Warrirorplus, and Click bank?

    Hi, I search for affiliates and I am a newbie. I created a software. There are 3 licenses: Bronze, Silver, and Gold with 3 different prices. The more features the software has, the more expensive the price will be. I set up my affiliate program with the WordPress Ultimate Affiliate Pro...
  2. F

    Anyone using scripts for Cam Affiliation?

    Hello, is anyone using any script or tool for webcam affiliation marketing ? Like roboscripts or similar? I knew about the old roboscripts which was really useful but now seems gone, or at least the original website is down(?) What do you guys use for make your life easier on promoting your...
  3. M

    Extensions / search request monetization

    Hello i own some chrome extension with few thousands of users. i see many websites propose to monetize search requests by redirecting on bing. (very often through some "transparent" redirection on trovi) I m already using this technic with a parter but: i would like to implement myself this...
  4. syphaxmail

    Hi, I need help to get amazon API

    Hi, I need atleast 3 sales to get amazon api access and I am looking for India+USA market. I will pay the amount if you use my referral link to purchase the products Thanks
  5. S

    What is the best option to monetize "pets-accesories.---" domains

    Hello, I have some domains of kind "pets-accesories.---" "best-dishwashers.---", etc What is the best way to monetize them? I have +10 domains of this kind and don't know what do with them that doesn't take 12 hours/day job Thanks
  6. Reyfr

    Made 35k$ with my Facebook page with Amazon

    Hey everybody ... I have since long time French Facebook page with 350k follower mostly French... I tried in the past to monetize it without really success ... I just try Amazon Music program with Cpa at 6€ and we bring 5k leads .... 30k€ easy in one week ... We are actually looking for new...
  7. A

    Need advice to sponsor as many people as possible in 2 weeks

    Hello, First, here is my first post so be indulgent please. And now here is the point ! I recently discovered something about cryptocurrencies. Before placing on the market a new cryptocurrencies, some projet make "airdrop". It means they give some tokens of the new projet to people who...
  8. CRjimmy

    CPA Network

    What CPA Network are you working with ? What niche are you in ? What's the + and what's the - of this network ? What's the best improvement they could make ?
  9. CRjimmy

    Mainstream affiliate programs

    Hello I am looking for a good affiliate programs where I will be able to find offers related to the car industry / stickers / car parts / goods / anything related to cars. Best regards,
  10. IceDog

    Questions about white-label Chaturbate sites

    Hello, I've got a few questions about white-label Chaturbate sites with a personnal domain. If experienced affiliates can answer, it would help. - Is it possible to use https protocol? ("The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,
  11. Mr.Charles

    Chrome extensions to work as a pro in Affiliation and CPA

    Extensions: Ghostery To block analytics and web crawlers . GeoProxy and Hola for change IP User-Agent Switcher for change user agent Proxy for Chrome and Proxy SwichyOmega for proxy conection Referer Control for Change Referer Wappalizer utility that uncovers the technologies used on...
  12. Maxime_Reflex

    Reflexcash : The best way to monetize your traffic

    Hello guys! I'm Maxime, I'm Affiliate Manager at Reflexcash To monetize your traffic it exists many solutions, at Reflexcash we have the best ones! CPA, CPL and CPI in more than 30 countries, choose the vertical(s) that correspond the best to your traffic sources and audience. Nutra...
  13. N

    Self introduction

    Hi, I am Naresh from India recently joined. I am interest in the Affiliation marketing.
  14. drunken_seolor

    Can't understand why my Amazon affiliation doesn't work well

    Hi everybody, I've been working on a site in italian in the electronics niche for a few months. Now the site is starting to get some traffic and some clicks, but it doesn't really convert well. Here are some numbers: -Visits, clicks, orders to the Amazon profile in these first 5 months...
  15. V

    Pharma affiliate program

    Hi everyone, Can you please recommend me a decent pharma affiliate program with good weekly payouts? Had a really bad experience lately.
  16. ArMani41

    How to start your Blog to earn 100$/month Verified method.

    Hi, Before starting Short description about me, I am ArMani.Freelance Graphic designer | Developer | Digital Marketer and i do blogging while in free time. Because of a lot researches,Learning and time. You can earn upto 100$ + through affiliation method + adsense method both. TIPS that helps...
  17. B

    Remarketing ad for affiliation program?

    The Google AdChoice remarketing system does not work for affiliation program. If you are selling something on a marketplace site, you can't really do remarketing on it. But this ad banner works with AdChoice! how it remarks with adsense? (Sorry I am not allowed to post a video even a linking...
  18. tuhinparvez

    My Journey To 500$/Day. Need Your Help :)

    Hey BHWers, Hope you all are making well. I've just started affiliation few days ago and earned 28$ already by using Microworkers campaign. Now, I'm telling you what i did: 1. Created Affiliate Account 2. Selected 5 Products. 3. Setup Auto Responded. 4. Created Squeeze Page. Now, I'm going to...
  19. B

    Affiliate Typosquatting Help

    Hi All, First post, please have mercy! So I am 301 redirecting some typosquatting domains for affiliation, and a third party has manually checked a few of them, saw that they are redirecting with an affiliate tracking and reported this to the affiliate platform (for the love of all that is...
  20. P

    Brand domain available to purchase - risky ?

    Hi, I've noticed that a growing brand did not buy all domain extentions for its main domain nane (for instance,, .fr, etc). I am considering buying some extensions to make money through affiliation programs using this brand's products to redirect traffic. - Do you think it's risky to do...
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