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How to start your Blog to earn 100$/month Verified method.

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by ArMani41, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. ArMani41

    ArMani41 Registered Member

    Jul 30, 2016
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    Business Analyst & Developer
    New york,New york
    Hi, Before starting Short description about me,
    I am ArMani.Freelance Graphic designer | Developer | Digital Marketer and i do blogging while in free time. Because of a lot researches,Learning and time.

    You can earn upto 100$ + through affiliation method + adsense method both.

    TIPS that helps:
    • Google is best to search online
    • Themeforest | GraphicRiver | Fiverr | Upwork and any website that sells provide affiliation.

    First of all you required an Hosting.There is free wordpress blog Hosting provider you can startup if you have low budget.
    1. Hosting
    2. WordPress installed in Hosting
    3. WordPress theme
    4. Good and related name for Blog
    5. Logo and other Graphics designs
    6. Customization of theme
    I prefer to use Sahifa theme to use for Blog you can also use free theme or buy through themeforest.

    Installed wordpress on your theme,Intall the theme in it use your logo as your identity and use your graphic with articles.

    write one post a day and must share at your Facebook page and Profile.

    SEO and installations and other i will teach you in other article specailly on BHW.

    So there is two method i use to earn.
    1. Google adsense
    2. Affiliate programs
    There many other way you can also sell your own product,Teaching,services,Consultancy and others.
    it's upto you what strategy you will play.

    For Google adsense you hv Specific traffic on your Blog.But affiliation program doesn't required.

    Go to Google and search your website keyword like i provide tutorials,Marketing and Designing services so i will search "Sell designs" Or "Designing Affiliations" find best and goto that website affiliation link and signup and use their links in between of your Blog's post.
    and some times before and sometimes after.Use affiliation links to related to topic
    e.g. if i am writing post for how to design Facebook Cover then i post graphicriver's affiliation link because they sell graphics.

    you can make gmail account and then you go to google adsense
    and setup your id and then it will rederect you complete until the embaded code to insert into your Blog you can use these link in SAHIFA in top header there is provided option in theme option to directly place.

    You can ask questions in Comment and in Inbox.I will love to help you. :)

    If You find any thing that is against the policies and rules please let me know so i can remove instead of Blog.Please if moderator find any thing like that please shortly reply.
  2. Sheldon Brady

    Sheldon Brady Newbie

    Jul 29, 2016
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    Thanks for the seo
  3. Alex July

    Alex July Newbie

    Jan 10, 2016
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    It's a nice share, I'd love to give my two cents if you'd like.
    Web hosting affiliate programs pay $50-150 per one customer.
    If you wanna make $100 a month (not a day), you have to refer 1 customer a month.
    If you publish fresh content on a daily basis, promote your blog through social media, add the link to your forum signature, patricipate in forums, nothing can stop you from achieving this goal :)
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