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  1. OhHiMark

    Can You Help Me With This Challenge? (Finding a LC & HT Keyword)

    So I'm being challenged to build an affiliate website that can at least break even in a month or two. I know a bit of SEO, but I come to the wisest community on the internet regarding this because I know that I do not know enough to do this alone. If you had to find a low competition and...
  2. Crewchief007

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    BHW Launch Special OFFER! 30% Discount About ProSiteFlippers Is your goal to become an Elite Digital Nomad? If so, we're here to help you make that dream come true; in a nutshell, that's what we're about! That stated we get it; you're salivating to see our current listings; here they are...
  3. Dmaxxy

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  4. Josh Saga

    Budget Real Talk Thread

    Hello Guys, I would like to ask some real talk on how much does it really take to make a good enough affiliate site that at least rakes in $200 above per month after 6 months of building. Currently following @davids355 thread Building and Ranking Sites in 2020 the Ultimate Guide and really...
  5. Yupwork

    [ QUESTIONS ] What should I learn To Build A professional Affiliate Website

    Hello every one My Goals for 2021 is build a professional affiliate website, i bought domain name & hosting also I'm going to buy some Tools like SEMrush, Hootsuit, Ifttt. I already drive about 10K to 12K Visitor from Social media 4 Facebook page in different niches Dogs Cats Fashion Travel...
  6. devildoll

    [JOURNEY] Building an affiliate blog step by step from scratch

    Hello BHW community, I'm writing my second journey on this forum to beat my laziness again, and start building my future for me and my girlfriend as we're living together and my main job is not enough. I will be focusing on what i should focus about 2 years ago AKA keep my lazy ass around my...
  7. kuldeepsingh689

    How can I start New affiliate website?

    Hello, I need to know how can I start New affiliate website? Where I can find profitable keywords and topics. Please guide me. Which hosting should I choose and theme for the affiliate website? Best article writer for the affiliate website? How Many Posts should a niche affiliate site...
  8. Blogsmith

    Questions Reg Ecommerce + Affiliate Marketing Website

    Want to embark on this money making journey. Following are my questions: 1) I want to establish a WP site on "Mobile Phone" accessories 2) Is it a better idea to build one site with accessories for all kinds of mobile handset types or its better to focus on particular brand/models like: iPh /...
  9. M

    Best article strategy for affiliate website?

    Hello ( sorry for my bad english ) I have a blog since 1 year to get some trafic and maybe make a affiliate website. I saw a lot of Journey on BHW but nobody talks about their niche and strategy details. I really don't know how can I manage all my article, if i need to post 3 informations...
  10. Y

    Is it A Good Idea To Start Affiliate Websites In French or German Languages?

    I am new to this, sorry if these questions sound stupid. There is a lot of competition around English content, and I thought since I am good at german and nearly fluent in french. why not creating affiliate websites in those languages. I am thinking of using amazon. Is this a good or a bad...
  11. B

    Can we use Same Buyers Guide for same product ????

    Hello, Can we use same buyer guide for Same product in different post :- any affect on ranking? E.g:- Let's assume I have affiliate website on mattresses. Can I Use Same Buyer guide for posts like Mattress under $500 Mattress under $1000 Please Answer
  12. Roger Marquez


    Alright BHW community, it was about time for me to start my very own journey. Need something to keep me occupied and motivated and though what best to actually document everything for a journey thread. In recent months I have been thinking, considering and evaluating many things and genuine...
  13. Jenny Highlander

    [Journey] Building Amazon Affiliate Site to $300/Month

    I am starting this journey to keep myself responsible for answering questions from you guys and also keep myself on the track. I see People starts journey and I read them and really find it interesting how they build from scratch and then a few months later they make what they promised to make...
  14. T

    Looking for Guide

    Hello BHW , I know that many member make a lot of bucks from Affiliate Program specially Affiliate Website , anyone can bring me a guide how this work ?, what things I must focus on it to get traffic from Google search.
  15. imonboss

    Check Google Indexing Conflict! Your 2 Cents Advised!

    I will try my best keep it as short as possible! I am new in this SEO and aff marketing stuff. So lots of things are pretty new to me. Like this one: I was anxious and pissed at the same time: So, I went to Google and searched for my site: site: and found this: So, those...
  16. GRABBA

    [ JV ] Building Affiliate Websites To Bring Home The Bacon $$$$$$$

    Hey BHW I'm looking to kick off the new year with this JV. We will be building out authority sites and driving traffic from different sources to bring in the bacon $$$. We will be focusing on different types of content such as: Niche Content (Blog) Social Media Content Link Building Content...
  17. SubhoC

    How do you compete with Big Authority Websites?

    Suppose I want to create an affiliate website and my niche is bodybuilding. I search on Google "best way to do pull-ups" to check my competitors and I see these big authority websites like or etc. They have well-written articles. However, my concern is all the...
  18. Whateverest

    [FOR SALE] Authority Website - Geeky Gadgets & Gifts (Amazon Affiliate) + Traffic Sources [METHOD]

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to run this project anymore, so I'm selling a similar website to a well-known - If you've ever thought that it's time to stop wasting your time with crappy CPA & PPI niches and start a REAL authority website that people...
  19. alice252293

    How much did you invest on your first website?

    I need to build a website to promote male enhancement offer. I have around $500 to invest. I dont know how to code or customize a website and english is not my first language so I have to hire people to write content. Is it enough?
  20. RankBoss

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