affiliate offers

  1. seo_alexa002

    Which are best Offers/Network to Promote on Google Ads?

    Which are best Offers/Network to Promote on Google Ads? CPA/Affiliate Please Suggest Guys
  2. Gravitylab

    [HAF] how to run aff. offer

    can someone good and experienced person teach me how i can promote my dating and nutra affiliate offer please? iam stuck the tracking thing or postback. budget: we can decide i know few things. so frustration level will be low.
  3. Steroidz

    Good mobile gaming affiliate offers?

    I have a micro niche site for mobile gaming and so far haven't found anything relevant on pages like offervault affiliate networks so maybe anyone has experience and can recommend a good direct or network affiliate mobile gaming offers? The only thing I tried to do so far was the Red Magic...
  4. 2spoons

    Creating An Affiliate Offer. I need help!

    Hi blackhatters. I've been doing affiliate marketing for years now so I'm accustomed to promoting other people's offers. But now I am creating a new forex trading platform and I want to act as publisher and I need to attract affiliates to promote my service. I have ZERO experience in setting...
  5. T

    Ultimate Guide to warm-up and keep ad accounts while running aggressive offers

    CMBaffiliates has created this guide which helps affiliates running offers via fb ads Here:
  6. fmbaba01

    Any Private Offer/Advertizer with this Affiliate Criteria?

    Is there any Private Affiliate program with these criteria? -- must have good conversion rate.(must be spelt out) -- must have a reoccurring billing and pay likewise. -- cookies must be either lifetime or a minimum of 90days. -- the offer can be any niche and vertical but MUST BE HIGHLY...
  7. C


    Greetings Family, Please, i need suggestions, any idea of a cpa affiliate network specifically for job application offers, My preference for now is Philippines? like if a user or applicant fills or completes a job application form a lead will be generated. Please help, thanks
  8. N

    CPA - how to choose the best offer?

    Hi guys, I just got accepted to a bunch of CPA networks. Over the last months I built up some websites and social media channel and want to start making money now. :cool: I know it's very subjective and you all probably have different ways of choosing the best offer... but what is most important...
  9. J

    Best affiliate networks for bank loan/credit card offers in GCC (Middle East)?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for one or more good affiliate networks where I can find CPL offers for bank loans/credit cards for the GCC region, especially UAE. I haven't been successful in my search since the only offers in the banking sector that I've found are for the US or UK. Can...
  10. N

    We do PPC bidding/daily ad spendatures for you on OUR budget. Zero risk to you. Read.

    I guarantee you will not find many PPC companies offering this. We are a team of PPC experts based in Canada. You can call us on our toll free as you are likely from the US and see our website, we are legit. We are offering zero-risk, using our budget/not your budget, 100% performance based PPC...
  11. E

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to escape from ebay and get into affiliate marketing

    Hey guys and gals I have a family and bills to pay and have been making ends meet by selling stuff on ebay and amazon - but my heart is set on Internet Marketing (affiliate, CPA, product creation long term) Short term goals: Video marketing with you tube finding a niche(s) that converts then...
  12. P

    I am looking for Payday affiliate offers that convert the highest

    Hello all, I am looking for a payday affiliate offer that converts the highest. Does anyone know what offers are the best and if so who runs them? I've heard a lot of different stories and figure a forum like this will give a more open answer.
  13. I

    I have an affiliate network account

    And I was wondering if there are ways to get traffic to these offers without paying money for traffic. Any creative ideas? Thanks S
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