Hello everyone, I'm trying to escape from ebay and get into affiliate marketing

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    Hey guys and gals
    I have a family and bills to pay and have been making ends meet by selling stuff on ebay and amazon - but my heart is set on Internet Marketing (affiliate, CPA, product creation long term)

    Short term goals: Video marketing with you tube finding a niche(s) that converts then...
    Medium term goals: Drive YT traffic to Squeeze page with Autoresponder series and scale it up....then apply to CPA networks
    Long term goals: Eventually make enough to quit my job

    Ultimately - I'd like to make enough money to get debt free and go full time doing IM from home

    I'm here to learn about video marketing, good affiliate programs and how to start small and scale things up. I have a feeling it will be tough - I got a dose of information overload last year after buying a couple of courses which turned out to be quite deceitful. (the guy is a millionaire now though so I should have stuck with it eh?)

    I want to contribute and provide as much value as I can - I am here to learn but am not a freeloader and will try to help others as much as I can. We are all in this together and I want to be of value to the community. YOU GUYS TEACH ME IM AND I CAN HELP YOU WITH EBAY AND AMAZON, along with everything else I learn along the way. Is this a good way of appraching the forum? Let me know.
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    Welcome to BHW and also congratulations that you are now earning online. If you are interested in making money through affiliate marketing, I suggest you start reading free and good content online. I know there are tons of paid materials and lessons out there but it is really quite hard to know which ones are good and legit. If you are going to pay for a program, I suggest you research about this program first before buying. Looking in forums would help a lot. :)

    Also, Affilorama provides free content and tutorial on affiliate marketing. I thought that may help you. Good luck!