affiliate market strategy

  1. L

    Can you recommend me an affiliate strategy for Google Ads?

    Guys, does anyone know any good strategy to profit from Google Ads as an affiliate?
  2. K

    Become A Mini Influencer Marketer With What You Have.

    Mini Influencer Marketing Many people have more than 1k followers on social media accounts but only use them for friends and fun. Some influencer marketing platforms could let you start with just 700 IG followers, and all you have to do is share a post that they'll give to you, and get paid...
  3. P

    This is what I have. Help me narrow my focus please

    Hello, I own a small "virtual" IT (sole prop). I did not choose or purchase most of these domains. Most were given to me a few yrs ago, from a web company I consulted with. I have most of the front pages done, and just need to fill content. I own several rental car domain names, and want to...
  4. K

    5 Tips To Get More Clicks And Conversions

    5 Tips To Make People Click On Your Affiliate Links Making people click on your affiliate links is another step toward conversion. Most people won't click on links unless there is something in there for them. When they see links, they think: “what's in for me.” Below are some tips to get more...
  5. K

    3 Content Strategies That Have Been Generating Sales Easily

    1. Don't Sell, Provide Valuable Knowledge and Recommend Here's my question, would you rather buy from a post that just advertise their product to you, or from a post that provided you with knowledge and them recommended their product to solve that problem? The answer is obvious right? A...
  6. K

    3 Techniques I Used To Make Affiliate Sales Fast

    1. Write Your Headlines As A News Or Informative Article Many people surfing the internet are looking for news, information, and entertainment. Only sometimes are they searching for products to buy. This indicates that they seldom want to click on an ad, and will not want to spend their time...
  7. georgetoons

    $750 free cashapp

    Hi Bhw Fam, I am a content creator on yt, ig and tt. Recently i have been seeing a lot of people make videos and using the cta "claim 750$ free cashapp in bio". The link in their bio takes you to some sort of quiz/form with the cashapp logo. Does anyone know if this is some kind of affiliate...
  8. dexterzlab7

    Selling a diet plan in US CPA less then $30

    I'm looking for suggestions to promote diet plans in US but goal is to achieve sale in less then 30 USD. what do you guys suggest how to start? if I get success I'll be creating a thread for my first 100k step by step...
  9. N

    Just joined - who else is interested in PR & SEO?

    Hi all! Just recently joined although I've already been lurking for awhile. A bit about me Most of my experience is predominantly organic marketing - from SEO to PR. Haven't really done any PPC, so if anybody want to brush up their knowledge on organic SEO while sharing some notes on paid...
  10. C

    Who am I?

    Hello all black hat world users! My name is Cameron Horne I am a Computer Coder That creates website / business for people that includes an affiliate program / referral program / membership program to increase there sales and clients.
  11. Bitcoingiver

    [Method] Affiliate marketing on Pinterest

    Am going to keep this guide simple and straight to the point (no ping pong playing). My English is not perfect but you’re going to understand what am trying to communicate. This is January and many people are trying to start a side hustle, like making money online and the question many ask is...
  12. paulpaul25

    High Ticket B2C Affiliate Organic Strategy Plan

    Hi guys, I've been a long-time lurker in the affiliate marketing & blogging space and it's now time to start my main project. I have some experience & knowledge in digital marketing, social media marketing, and my plan is to aim for a high-ticket product such as yacht renting. As for the...
  13. B

    Which is the best Affiliate Program (in software industry) to give maximum commission.

    Hi, I am a sales guy have been working in the Software industry for the past about 8 years. I know how to sell the software/tools to the customers. So, I am looking for software to sell as an affiliate marketer. I have tried different marketing tools like Semrush etc, but almost all affiliate...
  14. Louis Timothy Dioso

    Earn with affiliate marketing and facebook ads

    Hello guys so today I am sketching my plans to start my fb page and the niche I chose is about healthy living and sports. I will use clickbank as a source of my affiliate links because I saw that clickbank has many products related to my niche. I have 80USD right now and it came from CPAgrip, I...
  15. syphaxmail

    Looking for affiliate marketer

    Hi, We are working on coupon/discount website where we run affiliate offers. As I am very new to this field, I need very experienced and friendly marketer who can help me to jump start it Thanks
  16. N

    Contact Form Marketing doesnt work?!

    Hey guys recently I have been thinking of starting new form of marketing and I have been searching the forums and came across contact form marketing. To be honest I knew about it but got distracted by other things, currently I have been having thoughts of giving it a shot. A simple google...
  17. S


    Hi, BHW. I'm a freelancer and affiliate marketer. I would like to learn about new stuffs online.
  18. M

    CPA training step by step

    Hi BHW guys, i'm so happy to be part of the BHW since few months ago, the forum that open my eyes and my mind too, i've learned a lot of important things that i did not find any where else, i would like to thank also all the BHW members for theire help and their efforts of wrighting good...
  19. A

    Native ads Blacklist and Whitelist

    Hi Guys, I am new to Native and have a question. How can I create a blacklist and whitelist? Also If there are any sources to buy these lists Kindly mention them. Thanks
  20. Barker5lime

    Domain redirect vs Landing page,which one has better conversion?

    Hello!Quick noob question,what is a better method to promote affiliate links between having a landing page and a domain redirect?Reason am asking,currently using a landing page and not happy with the clicks and leads ratio so am thinking of things i can tweak and putting myself in the person...
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