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  1. Daynex

    CPA, Affiliate Blog, or Faceless Youtube Channel?

    Hello BHW, I am currently looking to learn some new skills in order to make money online as some of my previous endeavors failed. Right now I have a lot of time to spend in learning and am trying to decide on whether I should start learning CPA as I see a lot of people have success with this, an...
  2. AriantheWise

    Is affiliate marketing worth getting into as a newbie? Specifically blogging?

    Hello BHW, I would love to have a discussion and get your experienced opinions regarding the current state of affiliate marketing. I come from a marketing background (social media marketing, SEO blogging) and have been wanting to set up a blog website where I cover relevant and informative...
  3. uxdrug

    How to Increase 20-25% Revenue on Any Blog (only if you have traffic)

    I'm going to share a quick layer of additional revenue stream but your blog needs to have any type of traffic. I've tested on organic traffic. Again it's not a rocket science idea but I'm seeing blog after blog not utilizing this simple way of squeezing extra buck from traffic. Let's start...
  4. devildoll

    [JOURNEY] Building an affiliate blog step by step from scratch

    Hello BHW community, I'm writing my second journey on this forum to beat my laziness again, and start building my future for me and my girlfriend as we're living together and my main job is not enough. I will be focusing on what i should focus about 2 years ago AKA keep my lazy ass around my...
  5. SeoProMatt

    Pinterest + Affiliate Site to $3,000/month

    I finally got a grip on this Pinterest thing and the $$$ has been flowing. Time to share it with you guys! 1. Create an Affiliate site Most of you are probably not going to get passed this step. Take the time, learn to use WordPress and set up an affiliate site. Now you want the site to be in...
  6. axeboy123

    What software do you use to organize your blogs and content?

    Hi everyone! I've recently finished a graduate degree and I have some time off before getting a real job. In the mean time, I have a niche affiliate blog that keeps me afloat with roughly $400CAD/month on average. I'm thinking of expanding, and trying to recreate this success with several...
  7. C

    Amazon affiliate question. Need advice

    Hello BHW. I am trying to start amazon affiliate website but I have question about keywords. I found keyword with low competition and good amount of searches. It is not " best + keyword " or " keyword + review ". It is " keyword + for s.a.l.e ". What you say about this? Do you have experience...
  8. L

    Full Time Job Like A Charm

    As you can see I'm reading, starting and abandoning things since mid 2013 (I know a shitload of things in IM, but always abandoned before even starting). Few things dramatically changed in life, so at the beginning of 2016 I am forced to make money or abandon IM for good. Reason is $$$ of...
  9. shezboy

    WP LINK NINJA - HideYour Affiliate Links From Google Become An Instant Authority Site

  10. B

    Affiliate marketing magazine websites

    Hey Blackhatters, Just wanted to ask a question if there are popular affiliate website magazines you guys know of? I'm currently searching for UK and US affiliate magazines that are popular, I know forums or reading on affiliate blogs such as Matthew Woodward are good but are there affiliate...
  11. S

    Will my Idea work for affiliate marketing?

    I am a new affiliate marketer, recently I am planning to start a new website with Top Deals from Amazon/Ebay, My idea is I will post all the top deals from amazon/ebay in my site for affiliate marketing. Will this idea make some sell for my site? Expert advice please.
  12. G

    Install The Entire ClickBank Marketplace on Your WordPress Blog!

    This is the # 1 Plugin 2012 Hey! Matt Broich, creator of CBengine, has launched a cool new ClickBank Marketplace tool for WordPress . CBpress allows ClickBank affiliates to import the entire ClickBank Marketplace into their WordPress blogs (in less than 60 seconds) and fully customize categories...
  13. blackma

    Best Method to KILL Procrastination.

    Hey there, I draw up a plan of stuff I need to do during the day. I then spend a few minutes pretending that there is a bomb has been planted inside me, and if I don't get the work done the bomb is going to detonate! Since I have been doing this my productivity has sky rocketed. Sounds...
  14. jmsks33

    Affiliate Network For Sale on ebay

    Hello Black hatters, I found an affiliate network for sale on ebay I don't know if I'm allowed to put the link here, so therefore I don't post it, but if some one is interesting on finding more about it, PM me and I send the link where it can be seen. Cheers, j.m.
  15. R

    How Do I Stop WP From "Clicking" Every Link When I Post?

    I've tried everything I can think of to no avail, so I'm asking here. Here's the problem: I'm making some blogs with affiliate datafeeds. Every time I put up a feed, it automatically generates thousands of clicks to my links. Tracking it down, it turns out that it clicks every link in every...
  16. Micallef - Fast Affiliate Blog Idea - Help!

    Hey everyone, I could really use some help with this! Foreword: "why the hell would anyone use". Here's why: Google indexes your blog in a couple of hours, and you get massive link juice from Here's the story so far: A month ago I made a blog...
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