affilaite programs

  1. RonyKingSourcing

    Any Advertising/Marketing Platforms that does in-house leads engagement?

    I am into lead sales, and i have had good number of private leads i sell and interesting customers too, but I'm fascinated about running offers/engaging leads i sell. But schedule, timing and my primary focus has been a great hindrance . However, i am asking if there is/are...
  2. ATuringtest

    Whats the best network to get commison from giveaways and freebies by direct contact etc ?

    I'm trying to work out what and were I need to go to get CPA for coupons giveaways etc.. dont care what it is, games skins books makeup.. I want to churn offers by direct contact
  3. haklofdfvfg

    Comprehensive Guide to Profit from Clickbank 2018 Version 2

    Hello, my friends After the release of version 1 for subject Clickbank I was very impressed and had nice comments from all thank you all and this version 2 to complete the guide definitively If you do not read Version 1, I recommend that you read it before you read this version 2 so you can...
  4. PChanger

    Good Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs?

    Does anybody know of any good recurring commission affiliate programs? I'm trying to build up a good passive income and have gotten pretty good at referring people to subscription services and stuff. My only requirement is that they need to be recurring for the entire time the person is...
  5. Bechsen

    So i stumbled upon hubtraffic

    Has anyone tried the Pornhub Network affiliate program? Seems like they have nice $ for 1k traffic
  6. Bregallo

    I need Traffic tools

    I want your help please... I mean you that is reading this thread right now to please just share me your experience on how you drive traffic, make sales and as well make huge earning on clickbank affiliate.. What you share really count as i will forever be grateful for helping a friend build...
  7. A

    affiliate program for PE

    Hi, I have a site on Premature Ejaculation(PE) Solving Problem which is ranked well and has decent traffic. Problem is I have a Clickbank e book on target page which is NOT converting well. Am expecting at least 1 in 100 conversions for the quality of the traffic I have. I know the write up is...
  8. F

    how can i get affiliate programs setup

    Hi All, I need some advice, i am currently in the process of getting my sisters website redesigned and after that is complete i was interested in offering affiliate program offer since i have seen all her competitors with the same affiliate proram offerings. i was wondering what do i need to do...
  9. A

    CPAlead and Facebook GOOD MONEY?

    Hi Guys, Before I start my CPA on facebook I want to know if it is not against the rules. I've tried to reach out to my manager account with but never heard from him. I know there are a lot of people with experience doing CPA so I would appreciate your advice. I just made a landing page using...
  10. T

    The Chicken or the Egg - do affiliates get paid if the person already visited the site?

    Using a basic example - if I am promoting Wix website builder, it's likely the customer has already visited the Wix site before seeing my content. Will I still be paid if someone clicks on my aff link and subscribes to Wix within the relevant cookie period?
  11. F

    FÚRIcash - Now Accepting Affiliates

  12. T

    [ Suggestion ] 200k dating email lists

    Hello affiliate Marketers , I do CPA with Adult Dating Traffics . So as a result i have a huge list of 200k email list n willing to start affiliate marketing along with CPA . So can someone suggest me , which product or products will be better for me to promote ? What steps should i take ...
  13. L

    Make Over $10,000 & Be Nice With It :)

    Signup here > z x b a y . c o m OK kids we all know why we are here (not in the metaphysical sense) to make wonga! But it don't have to be the slimy, underhanded way that we see so much of (never on BHF of course). So I'm offering a nice, clean way fr us both to make some nice big...
  14. M

    Affiliate Program

    Hi, You have traffic for Binary options? If so, I think we would be an excellent fit for each other and would love for you to join our affiliate program. We have great offers for both CPA and CPL basis. For a November special we are offering $10.00 per lead for just a first page submit with...
  15. T

    Facebook Page Marketing

    I have facebook pages with 500, 1k, 2k, 3k, 5k and 10k real uk, usa and canada fans. I can also create pages with fans from your choice of countries. Facebook pages are a great way to generate an income from affiliate programs.
  16. F

    Cash Funnel* 2Lv's commission off refferals, Simple/Limitless Audiance

    My Personal Success AP Review: Whats up everyone, I have found a great site that allows you to make money off the people you refer: 1st Level Commission: 25% 2nd Level Commission: 10% Payment: monthly You can choose to watch videos to make money but I suggest there referral program. The...
  17. R

    Anyone apart of Ewa Private Network

    I need a refferal For EWA there as I am very good experience in pushing traffic I do really want to work with their network I have 6 other networks But I hear they are one of the best And I they have wide range of offers. I push a number of leads a day All my traffic is real no blackhat So...
  18. BassTrackerBoats

    LinkPushing.Net - Affiliate Program Now Available!

    Kevin and I have decided to begin offering an affiliate program to some of you that have been asking. We are not going to take on 38,000 affiliates as that would not do anything for any of you that join. The program will pay residual commissions for as long as the client that signed up under...
  19. Y

    Looking for free affiliate directories for my affiliate program

    I am looking for free affiliate directories where I can submit my affiliate programs which are pay per sale. I offer physical products in the health and wellness category. I am new to this and don't want to use any of the paid sites like cj. Does anyone have any suggestions of places that would...
  20. jagreen78

    [Affiliate] Has anyone use this network?

    just found it today and thought I'd share
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