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Make Over $10,000 & Be Nice With It :)

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Lifefull10, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Jun 19, 2012
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    z x b a y . c o m

    OK kids we all know why we are here (not in the metaphysical sense) to make wonga! But it don't have to be the slimy, underhanded way that we see so much of (never on BHF of course). So I'm offering a nice, clean way fr us both to make some nice big packets that actually offer people something they want and are happy to keep on wanting.

    Join the zxBay Affiliate Program. zxBay offers affiliates 20% commission for each package purchased per month.
    How do you benefit?

    I want you to know that you?re going to be recommending truly valuable products. In return you need to ensure that you?re doing your part to let your community know about them!
    If you?ve heard of the Pareto rule (20% of what you do gets you 80% of the results) then you?ll know that it doesn?t work that way with affiliate marketing.
    Most of the time 98% of affiliates don?t sell anything for the merchant. But I know that you?re not that type of person. You?re going to be the best supporter ever!
    And there?s good reason to be.
    With zxBay Affiliate Program you will get a full 20% commission on every sale you make!
    Not a bad return at all.
    Take The Affiliate Oath

    You promise to make sure you actively promote my products on your web site, your email list, social networks and beyond and you?ll be well rewarded.
    In turn, we take your partnership seriously and will help you in your marketing efforts in anyway we can.
    Finer details

    We pay out on the first of the month via PayPal, direct to your own PayPal account which you can then immediately withdraw to your bank or spend online to your heart?s content.
    Therefore, if you sell our ongoing monthly package at $297 (USD) per month you will get $59.40 (USD) per month for as long as the client uses our service. If they choose the $2097 (USD) $419.40 (USD)per month. In other words imagine you sold 5 packages over the year you really could be making between $297 (USD)- $2,097 per month for very little work.
    Packages You Sell Over A Year What You Make Per Month Over The Year
    $297/month $59.40 $762,80 (inc setup fees)
    $2,970/Per Annum $594
    $997/month $199.40 $2,442.80 (inc setup fees)
    $9,970/Per Annum $1994
    $2097/month $419.40 5,082.80 (inc setup fees)
    What You Make $678.29 Per Month $10,876.40 Per Year
    That?s about all you need to know. Interested?

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    z x b a y . c o m