afffiliate program

  1. hims.000

    I am rejected by CJ Affiliate! Any other alternative affiliate for bloggers?

    Hi i have applied for CJ affiliate but they rejected my application. I am a blogger and i teach blogging ideas, so i need some affiliate network like CJ . I have no idea how can i found the best affiliate network for my blog.
  2. E

    Find source video service. Need a webmaster

    Hi everyone! I have a service in development to find full (source) video. The idea is that people try to find a source video from some movie clip, gif, screenshots, compilations, and many other things that will instantly interest the user. Now I want to know how many people will be interested...
  3. randybishop

    Best Adult Webcam Affiliate program? ✅Please Vote✅

    What's the best?
  4. R

    Help me to get my first sale on affiliates

    I am working on affiliates from past 1.5yrs and did not make single penny. I followed many people's ideas, traffic methods and much more. But nothing worked me well. Please suggest me any good traffic method or strategies to work with. And i am only trying free method bcz don't have money to spent.
  5. E

    Hey. Which affiliate programs suit me?

    I have a brand new blog. Now I am interested with travel affiliate programs. Could you please suggest any ideas. Due to I have a basic knowledge only in affiliate marketing.
  6. LoroPartners

    Loro Partners - Gambling Affiliate Network

    The highly qualified team of Loro Partners invites to cooperation those who want to monetize traffic with their skills. At launch you can start earning together with the betting company - WagonBet, which is designed in accordance with all the needs of players. WagonBet - has an abundance of...
  7. D

    getting paid of products you're interested in

    You have an idea on using digital services and apps? Make it count. Ever used a certain app or service on your smartphone while you were on the road and it didn‘t work? Does this sound familiar: Buying a ticket quickly before boarding the train and the loading bar does not disappear? Or...
  8. O

    World Cup Affiliate website ? Anybody have ideas and tips on how to make money?

    Looking to setup a World cup Affiliate site for the upcoming event. I've read places that even mentioning " worldcup " in a domain might get you sued by fifa. Also given that it will be a highly saturated market ! i was wondering if anybody has tips to share. Is it worth it? Or should i just...

    Looking for a suggestion on making money online

    Hi guys, I feel like my post will be bombarded with some criticisms but I am looking for a way to start making money online. I am looking at affiliate marketing but I am a bit lost with all the content which has to be covered. Do not get me wrong, I am not lazy but I am looking at a...
  10. limez

    Avangate Affiliate Program Payout Update

    Would love to see if anyone here is also working with Avangate. Kindly post an update if you already received the payment for this month. They usually pay every 20th of the month but as of writing, I still haven't received any payment from them.
  11. Blike

    i want to start my journey on affiliate marketing

    greeting to everyone, iv'e been on internet for many year trying different method of Making Money, but realy with no result, maybe i'm doing it in the wrong way or i'm not putting much effort on it. i want to bilieve and restart again but with the right mindset and the right knowledge. Tool i...
  12. Rank wizard Ltd

    How is your conversion rate after the pandemic?

    A few weeks ago I posted a thread asking about the amazon commission rate cut impacts. It sparked some insightful discussions back then. So, the gist of the thread was that although amazon initiated a commission rate cut, affiliate marketers were seeing an increase in conversion rate. Guessing...
  13. EarphoneBug

    Amazon Affiliate or Dropshipping?

    Hi fellow Digital Nomads, I'm stuck in between starting an affiliate site with Amazon or going the dropshipping route. I know Amazon cut their commissions rates, so I'm a little skeptical going with them, but I know the large traffic they bring in. I was wondering what your thoughts and...
  14. R

    any money in site redirection and ads

    Hello Fellow Member any money in site redirection and ads basically my goal is to have 50 pages all in the same niche. i have a contact form. and with the same page have an ads banner and possible get revenue from both the people that fill in contact form and ads. This will be an one...
  15. RonyKing247

    Anyone know anything about Covid-19 Affiliate Offers?

    Hey, I am asking if anyone know any offer in Covid-19 and which network or individual runs it and what is the mode and duration of payment? I am looking for this kind of offer, urgently, but pay either daily or bi-weekly. Payment in BTC or payoneer. I will appreciate responses. Thanks
  16. Sushant Pawar

    As an affiliate what do you expect?

    Hello BHW, I am going to start an affiliate program for my product. As an Affiliate marketer, what do you expect from the affiliate program?
  17. pandatech

    How to find this offer

    Hi guys, I'm sorry if I put this on the wrong place, . I just saw this offer popping up and would like to know which affiliation network is having it I will be pleased if someone can show me a trick or a tool how to find which affiliation network...
  18. R

    best pharmacy affiliates ?

    hello we have just launched our new online pharmacy and was wondering were is best place to get best pharmacy affiliates and traffic? we pay good commission , ship from europe and had good product range
  19. el_Greco

    LF- Advice on reselling services

    Hello BHW, Today I got an offer from a web development and design company about hiring me as a freelancer, with a 20% commission per sale. Sounds good to me but the catch is that they want me to call clients to "close more sales". They provide a business email and a phone app which I can call...
  20. ep2002

    Product or Service Suggestions for Freedom Site

    Can an experienced affiliate suggest some companies that sell products or services that would compliment a blog I have? It's about freedom, anarchy, I'm a truther, so I teach people what's really going on, free speech, etc. Thanks
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