affeliate market

  1. J

    Looking for a coder ASAP

    I came across this link locker a few days ago and I need someone who's able to replicate it but with my own stuff. I already got the domain ready Here is the source: view-source:
  2. Z

    Cpabuild Team here for help

    Hello CPABuild, Greetings to you all. Any Cpabuild representative here? I have been declined four times. I don't even understand how they carry out their assessment of applicants. The application form says nothing about the website, screenshot payments from other networks, etc, just names and...
  3. D

    getting paid of products you're interested in

    You have an idea on using digital services and apps? Make it count. Ever used a certain app or service on your smartphone while you were on the road and it didn‘t work? Does this sound familiar: Buying a ticket quickly before boarding the train and the loading bar does not disappear? Or...
  4. B

    How to Improve My Website Page Speed

    Hello, I just realized that my website is running at a page speed of 13 in mobile needs more improvement. Can someone give suggestions on how to get my page speed to 90 or 100 on google? Will be at the comment section.
  5. S

    Whatsapp Landing Page

    Hello guys. I need your help, how do you do the viral WhatsApp landing page with the share to WhatsApp button. I have been trying and searching for days but with no success I posted a screenshot of the landing page below. please help.
  6. Mazen Hlel

    HOW I GET 30$/DAY ?

    Hi guys I have 550$ in my paypal but coudn't find any way to make money . I tried CPA IG , snapchat , FB ... I tried affiliet marketing also nothing :( I get this 550$ from buyed my channel YT and I lose my first 50$ in IG influceurs for CPA offers but no 1 leads :( I hope anyone know somthing...
  7. S

    Quora Expert wanted

    Hello, I am looking for Quora marketing on ongoing bases. i am looking for someone who is really talented at marketing on Quora. who has lots of knowledge and experience about driving relevant, targeted traffic from Quora to a website.
  8. D

    CPA Method

    What's the best method to earn money by cpa (Sign up). please help me..!
  9. sumithykkts

    [Help] free Video hosting

    Hello Guys, I'm planning to start an affiliate with the adult niche. I want to get free video hoster for uploading videos. what is the best and free video hosting for my purpose thanks all
  10. S

    Affiliate Window Declined said you need referral code... Can Anyone provide me referral code?

    Affiliate Window Declined and said you need referral code... Can Anyone provide me with the referral code?
  11. DeathBlader


    Deleted -- I Was Just Trying to Help Out. I Meant No Harm!
  12. jenoms_lim

    Teach me to play CPA movie

    lately I'm bored in bringing movie site traffic and no sales at all. teach me about this can at least produce thousands of dollars a month. maybe there will be a reward for you.
  13. haklofdfvfg

    Comprehensive Guide to Profit from Clickbank 2018 Version 2

    Hello, my friends After the release of version 1 for subject Clickbank I was very impressed and had nice comments from all thank you all and this version 2 to complete the guide definitively If you do not read Version 1, I recommend that you read it before you read this version 2 so you can...
  14. Time Saving

    Hi everyone, I would like to share my journey on web!!!

    Hiii, I really love this forum and appreciate the active members that helping us every day. I am really confused and don't know how to start !! I am very ambitious person and like technology more than anything, although I am civil engineer and have a good income but I am not happy with that...
  15. A

    I have only 900$ and want to start cpa any help

    I have only 900$ and want to start cpa can you kindly tell me where to start what traffic source to begin with and which tools should i buy and what kind of offers please this money is all i have and i do not want to lose it please
  16. M

    Help me senior brother"s (Crakrevenue account approval Question)

    I'm new in the marketplace. I trying from around six months to earn money by online but still, now I cannot earn single money so anyhow I want to earn money from online it's my vision. I submitted account through Crakrevenue. they send me approval question. In that case why type of answer I...
  17. S

    Where I find a guide

    Where I find a guide that explains how to do affiliate marketing correctly
  18. Rana_Sid

    116 Clicks 4 Leads= $128

    I was running a cpa offer on adwords and I set daily budget of $500. I got 116 clicks and 4 leads in total worth $128 and on adwords I paid $250. I set 2 keywords there with a cpa of $1 and $1.30. Please guide me where I am doing any mistake because I am totally in loss right now. I am running...
  19. Demoxing

    Which is the best ad network for a movies site?

    I have a Movies site which has 10k+ daily unique visitors. As you know that due to copyright problems, most of the Ad Networks do not accept such kind of websites, like adsense So, Can Some one tell me some good source to get income from this traffic? As at this time, all of my traffic is being...
  20. Munni

    What can I do with my 5k Gmail ID?

    I have around 5.5K Gmail ID with password What Can I do with that? Do you have any suggestion ? Please help me " How can I earn money with them?" I don't want to sell them.