adwords suspensions

  1. vcc

    18 Tips On How To Avoid Getting Suspended By Adwords

    thousand of people asking same question everyday on BHW, Here is The 18 Tips for How To Avoid Getting Suspended By Adwords Follow This Simple Rules: 1. always use fresh residential proxy, 2. don't use previously suspended domains 3. don't set big daily budget 4. don't use too many keywords 5...
  2. M

    Using same keywords from banned Adwords a/c

    Hi folks Just a formal question. Can we create a new Adwords A/c with the same set of keywords (same niche with a little variation of course) which were there in the previous banned account? The keywords which I am planning for have a few competitors, about 2 websites. Rest of the things...
  3. N

    Adword Accounts

    Hello i am having issue with my all adwords accounts, they are suspending, even i am using cloaker and good landing pages. I am using threshold accounts i got them in bulk, can anyone help me why this is happening ? is this issue to all?