adwords ban

  1. jack yes

    Google Adwords getting banned for suspicious payment activities.. Please Assist Urgent

    I have created more than 10 Adwords accounts and all of them get banned for suspicious payments. I have used .. 1. Fresh Kali Linux system ON MY MAC. 2. Fresh ICICI Pockets Wallet Virtual Debit Card ( India) 3. Fresh IPs ( each time using a new sim card and its mobile internet connection...

    CC billing of one state and VM service from another state will work for Adwords a/c creation?

    After Adwords Ban, has any one used below trick to create new adwords account and was that a successful move? what you need for creating new account is: 1. VPS / VM or new PC 2. new IP, use 3G 3. new domain (make the whois details private) 4. new hosting - so the ip will be different 5. new...
  3. M

    Adwords Accounts With Attached Payment Source

    In last 2 years I have used vccs from entropay and other platforms to create my new adwords accounts. Now I have problem with suspensions for "billing activities". So.. I am looking for few old adwords accounts with attached payment source(any working reloadable vccs/payooner etc). The accounts...
  4. M

    Your Help Is Greatly appreciate it

    I have no one to ask for help other than this great community .. you guys really rocks am having really hard time figuring this out - i have been spending hours and days ting tofixthis and never works . my adwords acct was suspended and i have went ahead and installed new vmware + used ssl...
  5. T

    AdWords Account Banned - Does it Affect Organic Rankings?

    I have had a website recently banned on AdWords due to an "incompatible business model". I had this site advertising on AdWords for over 3 years and just a few months ago, they kicked me off. My organic rankings for the keywords I use to advertise on show up in the top 5 spots and have been...
  6. renegaderats

    [???] Quick Adwords Question

    I'm looking at setting up a website which will get most of its traffic from Adwords PPC. I had intended on using a bunch of adwords accounts each loaded with $100 vouchers but it occurs to me that if Adwords sees 30 accounts all using vouchers directing traffic to the same website/page they will...
  7. D

    Banned from Google Adwords - how to get back in?

    I was banned from Google Adwords over a year ago, banned from AdSense about 2 1/2 years ago. Could everyone please post ALL of the ways that Google can conceivable track you in this thread? I'll soon be moving so will have new address, new IP, etc and want to make a fresh start. However, I...
  8. S

    Help, Adwords Banned ME!

    I just found out I got banned from google adwords today and not really sure what to do about it. I was promoting dvd copy/ripping software that google doesn?t like and ended up getting banned because of it. Has anyone out there ever been banned by google and found a way back in? I have been...
  9. S

    Adwords Ban

    I'm an affiliate marketer who uses google adwords to generate nearly ALL my traffic. I recently received an email from google saying I have repeatedly submitted ads that do not comply with their TOS and that I am on my finial warning. Well, I submitted another ad that got disproved over the...
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