Adwords Accounts With Attached Payment Source


May 20, 2016
In last 2 years I have used vccs from entropay and other platforms to create my new adwords accounts. Now I have problem with suspensions for "billing activities". So..

I am looking for few old adwords accounts with attached payment source(any working reloadable vccs/payooner etc). The accounts must have gone through initial review.
Addictional I need country/city ip which was used to create accounts.

Please sent PM with offer and contact details (skype)
You use adwords accounts for credit card fraud and call it "billing activities"? Come one, think about what you are doing there.
Do you read my post? I'm using adwords for promoting. I need old adwords accounts with attached WORKING reloadable CC or payooner or other payment method.

I wrote that in last time I used VCCs FROM ENTROPAY and other platforms like but now adwords blocking these accounts.

Please read other topics here or on wf. Alot of people have the same problem. 60% topics on is similar to my post. So everyone are card frauders? Please tell me how can I make frauds this way?
I want buy working Adwords account with ATTACHED payment method because my payments method fail.
Please dont write stupid posts here. If you want read about cc frauds please go to tor markets. For few $ you can buy some tutorials and teach before post next reply.
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