adsense help

  1. B

    Adsense Mobile Drop Fix

    Suddenly Adsense impressions on mobile dropped by 50% and now i see less ads on mobile... anyone knows what could be causing this?? happened on 11th of march 2022.. Page views are same + PC impressions too!
  2. H

    ( HELP ) Error crawler adsense

    Hi anyone I need you help How to solve this problem in my adsense account ? My ads not showing Check pict
  3. HenryObi

    What Happens If Adsense Disables Account On 21st

    Hi, my account just got disabled for reasons I honestly don't know they said it's because of site content. But my site content complies completely. Though I once used it on a site that's not totally compliant. But that is a long time ago. Now I have this issue. Before recieving the ban email...
  4. E

    help with adsense

    hello to all ... i have a question when i try to apply to adsense the answer is always that i have an approved adsense account with another email even when i apply with a new email ... should i apply from a different ip using vpn ??
  5. Matty82

    Adsense Help Please

    Ok so I've been trying to get approved with an adsense account. I've submitted my site only to have adsense direct me to a message saying I already have an approved site under another Gmail account. I try to log onto that Gmail account only to have adsense direct me to a message saying that this...
  6. legoknekt

    Adsense trouble

    Hi guys! I'm having some problems with my ads, I just got my micro niche sites delivered last week and got my adsense approved (bought a site last year, started filling out the google adsense program but forgot about it. no hosting just a redirect to one of my instagram accounts). But here's...
  7. W

    Any Adsense Master available ?

    First of all sorry if this isnt the right place for this thread. Now... Hi all, I need some experienced adsense user to review my site ...and maybe to give some tips :)Anyone available for help ?
  8. G

    Adsense help needed

    I had given three ad unit codes to one of my Ex-friend. To put it in his site and now for a while (a month) his site is down and not found. Now i just need to block that ad units from using any where in the internet. Is there any option to do that from my adsense panel ? Because, i concern...
  9. S

    [HELP] Basic Adsense Question

    Hi! I have a new adsense account which I created using a youtube channel. The things I would like to know are: 1. Can we attach more then one channel or websites to one adsense account? If yes, then what is the maximum limit (if any)? 2. Which ad have more pay out? Just the small ad which...
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