adsence earnings

  1. Z

    AdSense Money Earning

    Recently I got AdSense on my website. I have 2 websites but there is no earning. Many people are earning up to $1000/ $5000 monthly how? I need help, if anyone has any method please contact:
  2. Zablo

    So bunch of questions related to adsense

    so i have my primary google account that back in 2012 i applied for adsense then it was terminated due to an exchange thing (i was too small) so in 2016 i appealed for account recovery (lol i was trying my luck). Now well after many years i want to get back to work for my own youtube channel and...
  3. D

    Decreasing the Page RPM and Impression RPM

    Hello Experts, I am using google AdSense on my website, But from January 2023 continuously my page rpm and impression rpm going down from 2 to 0.50(page rpm) and 1.30 to 0.30(impression RPM). i checked many blogs but can't get the main reason behind this. CTR increasing Traffic increasing...
  4. psychoomantis

    Spotify 11 million streams goes away without payment

    Hey guys can anyone expert in Spotify explain to me these stats 1- at the Artist page on Spotify there is this 2- in the Artist page it shows only 15k streams instead of 11m 3- well I don't understand why 184 countries got 15k streams and worldwide 3.5m How can that be when almost all...
  5. S

    Facebook Ads + Google adsense

    Hello everyone .. :):) I`m Thinking About Promoting My Website On Facebook Campaigne .. To Boost My Website And Get Visitors To It ..-Arbitrage=;) But When I Asked Some Bloggers About This.. Lot Of Them Adviced Me To Not Do It Because My Adsense Account Will Get Disable And Ban..:( Some Of...
  6. D

    20 year old boy from India makes $700 a day from adsence.

    Hello all, I just seen this fellow video hope you too get inspired by this.
  7. sysads

    Why is Adsense rate so low

    Hi Maybe I am doing something wrong. I have a website with 80K to 140K monthly page views and yet I earn between $10 - $12 daily. Is this right or am I supposed to earn more than that? I have applied for Mediavine but process taking too long. Thanks

    does anybody have a issue with adsense ads today.not showing or no ads.

    lot of my friends get a mail that ads are been limited and some of them having problems with not showing ads..Any clue? thanks
  9. mojodoom

    Adsense not verifying identity even after providing all documents

    Even after providing all the government ID's these people are not verifying my identity. This took a toll in my youtube earnings as all the money are stuck there forever.
  10. Digital Web Zones

    How to make money

    Hey BHW I have a blog on health but I have no approved Google Adsence acount. I want to make money. Without any Google Adsense. But how.???? Suggest me ant one plZ.
  11. F

    Does the country you create your Adsense matter

    Hi All, I used to have adsense account in the UK for some time then that got shutdown. i was wondering does it really matter what country you create your adsense account in since the currencies are different and lower than the UK pounds. i have a account in the UAE but i don't think its...
  12. M

    Adsense CPC domain

    hi guys I wanted to know if the domain name affects the cpc of the articles
  13. G

    Adsense Earning 100$ a day Easy - proof

    i have deleted this because some peoples have objection regarding my trick. I will use marketplace
  14. krazylearner

    How to properly monetize my adsense website ?

    Hi guys, i am currently managing a website . its a 3 year old blog in tech niche . The issue is even after getting approx 40000 impressions per month i don't get enough earnings from ad sense . Now i am looking for way to monetize it through other channels as well as optimizing my ads . below...
  15. HoZoBoRoLo

    Finding best nich for adsence...

    looking for best nich topics for adsence. i have a blog topic is laptop driver but adsence rejected. Any idea from experts
  16. mojodoom

    Getting 80k Views but monetized views only 48k views = $118

    Hey guys, so I have a popular gaming channel created last year on november and the journey till now has been tremendous and fruitful. I get around 16k-20K views daily but the monetized views are around 2k-3k and I get around $6-$9. This month (march) till 15th I earned around $118 for monetized...
  17. Noman Ali

    List of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords/Niche 2017

    Use or create your website on following most expensive and highest paying adsense keywords/niche for earning good revenue. Mesothelioma Law Firm ($179) Donate Car to Charity California ($130) Donate Car for Tax Credit ($126.6) Donate Cars in MA ($125) Donate Your Car Sacramento ($118.20) How...
  18. slimdz

    My adsense revenues are stuck at Zero $0.00 pls HELP

    hello guys, I started a youtube chanel months ago, I joined with youtube partner but the thing is that My estimated earnings are always $0.00 even tho i got some clicks....(take a look at the pic) PLEASE HELP!!!
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