ads account ban

  1. M

    How can a blank(no usage) BM violate any FB policy?

    Hey there! One real profile with multiple BMs, one of them was flagged and shutdown, the weird thing is the BM hadn't ever advertised. and even after I appealed, they rejected the appeal. so, my question is how can a blank(no usage) BM violate any FB policy? if you guys have any experience...
  2. Bikesh Kumar

    My ads account got Suspended due to Circumventing systems.

    Hello guys can you tell me what is Circumventing systems. My ads account got suspended due to Circumventing systems. Pleaes explain me in details what is Circumventing systems.
  3. M

    Facebook ads account help needed!

    My ads account got banned again.I have been searching for a way to start running fb ads in the forum but everyone seems to have a different solution.Can someone please tell me how to properly start a new account and run ads again.I run a t-shirt business and this is really hurting me.Should i...
  4. topakins

    Unbelievable! Facebook Restored My Ads Account

    Several years ago, when I was first introduced to IM, I came across a method on WF that has to do with Facebook Ads. I started using my personal account to create campaigns and was targeting all manner of offers. Facebook promptly banned my Ads account. I did everything, they asked me to do...