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  1. U

    Best way to gain friends on warming up an account?

    Does anyone have a good method to gain random friends while warming up an ad account? Thanks!
  2. robert_fb


    TO BIG FACEBOOK SPENDERS: We are offering Facebook Agency Account for rent for people who spend 10,000$ and up per day. -Our Ad account are very strong and you will not have problems with restrictions and getting your ads disabled, you can spend up to 1M$ per day if you can. *** CONDITIONS TO...
  3. FarmCloud

    Facebook Accounts for Ads

    Get 50% Off* Write to our manager *one order up to 10 "Standard UA" accounts and you must be 3 months+ BHW member
  4. Malcuit

    Ad account disabled

    Hello, So Facebook disabled my all my ad accounts because I ran a SMM ad(stupid). I don't think I will get those ad accounts back. What I plan to do is use my friends account to run the ads. I will ad him as an admin or advertiser to my Facebook page so I can run ads through his new ad account...
  5. gogamer

    Can I use Pinterest Ad credit (free from Shopify) for a site that claimed by my other Pinterest?

    Hi! Anyone has experience with Free Shopify Pinterest Ad credit? Pinterest + Shopify give you a 100$ ad credit to every new Shopify store that has a pinterest business account with no ad history. You just need to set your billing info. I managed to claimed mine already to my "store 1" and...
  6. FB_Tiger

    ⭐️Facebook Ads Accounts + 2FA +AGED⭐️[AD Account 50$ / 250$ / 350$ / 1500$ / No Limit] ⭐️FROM TIGER TEAM

    ⭐️Facebook Ads Accounts + 2FA +AGED⭐️[AD Account 50$ / 250$ / 350$ / 1500$ / No Limit] ⭐️FROM TIGER TEAM ______________________________________________ TEXT VERSION FBTIGER.ME ______________________________________________ Who we are ? Our team combining: Affiliates manger & Media buyers &...
  7. G

    Needed: Verified Facebook Accounts - To manage client's ads and run my own

    Because of Facebook's ridiculously quick banning of accounts to advertise and manage from, I am looking to work with someone who can supply me with multiple aged Facebook accounts that I can run from Multilogin on different IP's ect. I work with multiple clients so I will need access from at...
  8. S

    $1700 Facebook Ads Credit - What to do with it?

    Hello blackhatters, Need an advice. I have about $1700 in my FB ads account that I haven't used. I have until the end of this month to burn through this credit before it expires. Facebook refuses to give me an extension and I can't move the credit to another account either. For someone who...
  9. Z

    Facebook BM closed , Id verification Bypass

    Hello there so i got my 5th business manager shut down again today after 1 week I'm using old fake account , they asked for my id , anyone got any idea on how to bypass it ? and does it have to be the same country where i created the account from ? also is anyone trusted here selling old...
  10. J

    Does creditcard country has to match Business Manager country?

    Hi guys, First time poster here, have been reading on BHW for a while and got a lot of useful tips. My Facebook account + business manager got banned a while ago. Not fun, but sh*t happens.. So I have everything set-up fresh now, new aged account, business manager, new device,dedicated new...
  11. P

    Is there a way to monetise an ad account?

    I have many ad accounts I created on an old Facebook account. Is there a way this could be monitize to advertisers?
  12. GoogleDude

    WTB| Facebook ad account with High Threshold

    i need someone who can provide me with add accounts which have high threshold higher than 2500$
  13. pan0x744

    BM Ad account disabled quickly

    I don't know why. My ad account was disabled in few hours even if I just run an engagement campaign. Because of this, I have lost 5 BM and its ad account.
  14. nerd7

    FB Acc Farming

    Hi Guys I am new to this forum. I been advertising on FB for a while. And recently transitioned to DS. Found a winner, start making money and fb started banning my ad accounts. Until it banned my whole business manager. I might get it back as I didn’t breach any policies. but I read lose that...
  15. S

    Adwords + $350 (BIN)

    Hello Everyone, How are you? I'm a Affiliate Marketer. For a few days I promote on Google AdWords. Now I'm looking for google ads threshold account creation method. Through which I can increase my sale. I'm not sure what else I should be looking for, any ideas? Is there anyone to help me...
  16. Emmanuel A

    Suprised AdSense Notif.

    Good day Boss(es), i just logged in My AdSense account now after almost a month or more and i found this notification on my AdSense account which really took with surprise, and the most surprising aspect is the website name, please do you think i should go on and try my luck of adding...
  17. K

    Help! - Facebook Banned my personal from Advertising on its platform not only on my business manager

    Is there is any facebook people working here who can help me remove the ban and be able to do ads? I run a social media marketing agency and I can not stay without advertising access. I need someone who works there to help me get my advertising permission back... and yes I tried to contact...
  18. H

    i need philippines country computer access for run ad campaign

    Are you Philippines??? i need your help, i will pay for that please ping me
  19. J

    Facebook Obliterates Personal Acc and Bans IP

    Facebook bent me over, as it has for many of us I'm assuming. My personal account got completely disabled, not just my business manager, my whole personal. This was even after a good 3 months of spend on ads. I was running straight white hat and scaling naturally, not surprised this happened...
  20. E

    $50 Daily Spend Limit on new accounts?

    I recently started renting a personal account after I was profile banned, using MLA and a VCC, the usual. Everything is working fine except the account is limited to $50/day, and no luck with support getting it raised yet. Anyone else experiencing this? How do you go about raising it? Crazy that...