ad abitrage

  1. Patchy420

    How do i get more traffic to streaming website ?

    I have a movie streaming website that gets around 1k - 2k per day people in it I want to expand my traffic from all regions what is the best way I Don't mind using paid traffic if it is worth it at least 100k
  2. Wagggi

    Adwords Account abitrage? (n00b)

    At first im a n00b in this field so plz dont judge me. Hi, I saw many Threads in the last time, where BHW Users buy / sell Adwords /Adsense idn accounts. What if i host a website, join a ad network (Put ads on my Site) and then use a Google Adwords account to "buy" Traffic to my Site? Could i...
  3. Luca Jones

    ★★ SEXY ADVERTISING ★★ - Your Custom Message On Models | Ads On Booty & Boobs | Custom Signs ❌❌❌

    Hello BHW - Today we introduce you to! We are offering our new sexy advertising services. You can order any custom messages, your domains, links or any other you like on our female model's breasts or booty (or a model holding you a sign!). You can advertise your PORN or any other...
  4. N

    Did I just ban google add accounts of a major Startup?

    I was running ads for an affiliate link that leads to signup page of a website/app (It has a search volume of 200K per month) Being a student and limited on my budget, I tried to use the 100$ promo code with few accounts in portable firefox + Proxies. At first it worked fine but later I don't...
  5. A

    MGID Push Traffic

    Recently I was reading up on push traffic (or push ads) and I found out MGID provides push ads.. anyone got experience with them? I am looking to get started in push traffic , anyone can give me a hint what are the best networks? Other than propeller because they are scammers basically.
  6. A

    How come sites like these don't get banned from adsense?

    Basically sites like this one: They got adsense on them and look very spammy. How google approve of these sites?
  7. K

    How to advertise an SMM panel?

    Hi! I was wondering how is it possible to advertise SMM, aince I would guess that on Instagram and Facebook you cannot advertise something that goes against their ToS. Does anyone have an experience with this?
  8. D

    [METHOD] How To Build Profitable Quiz Site With $0 Investment

    What this about: Building a Quiz website monetized with display ads and social media traffic. Quizzes generate 10x more page views and ad impressions, therefore bring higher revenue vs other content websites. What will you need: - Domain - Hosting - WP - Theme - Quiz Plugin - Content -...
  9. D

    [Long Read] Why You Fail with AdSense and How to Make Money With AdSense

    Why You Fail with AdSense Many publishers fail with AdSense because they expect a lot from AdSense and think that AdSense is the best and highest paying ad network available. A lot of those who just starting, think that it's enough to put ads on the site to start making money. Unfortunately...
  10. M

    Adsense CPC domain

    hi guys I wanted to know if the domain name affects the cpc of the articles
  11. M

    Help! Facebook ads

    Hey guy, i am running normally naturally set 1 more campaign it says this time no longer run, add new payment method. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HELP, HOW DO YOU WORK AND HOW TO REACH YOU AGAIN
  12. I

    PPC/CPC List

    Hello, i see a lot threads about many other ppc like bidvertiser or qualibid and their site aggregator like searchanyway or rivaclick, but maybe we can create the real thing ? Real list with useful website i mean like this: For Publisher 1) searchanyway 2) rivaclick For Advertising 1)...
  13. dev1

    Tips to Increase Your AdSense Revenue ?

    Hello i'm using adSense to earn money my traffic from USA/CA/UK my avg traffic per day is 450-800 visitor ( still grow ) 31-40 click but i earn jut 1$ -- 1.8 $ because my cpc is 0.01 before i used 5 ads in page in header and before/middle/after articles and one prompt ads down a friends...
  14. K

    How to change adsense info from banned account

    How do i change my adsense tax information from my banned accounts and can i use a business name for an individual adsense account instead of my real name?
  15. P

    How to Change Information in Adsense After Being Banned

    I was recently banned from Adsense on my personal account. I have 2 questions about getting a new account. 1. Can i have a personal account with a business name instead of my real name? 2. can i use an ein number instead of my social when filling out my tax info?
  16. Drexson HD

    What's the best url shortener that pays?

    Guys, what's the best url shortener network?
  17. WebHack

    Proxy traffic on site can ban adsense?

    can the traffic on website made with proxies ban the adsense account ?
  18. domyhd

    Adsense video ads?

    Hi, i noticed that on my site there's an Video AD by Google Adsense, is it normal? i never saw it before.. +how do i get paid? Video is set to "Autoplay" thing.
  19. Arpit malhotra

    Best cpm for ad abitrage?

    I'm looking to use fb ads to bring in traffic and cpm ads to create traffic abitrage. What would be the best cpm networks to use? Please tell the rates if you know or have used them.
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